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farming in Kenya: Latest News

  • How Kenyan Farmers Are Using Plastic Film Technology To Save Crops

    Plastic Film Technology By Staff, 5:09 pm

    The practice involves draping wet soil in a special kind of polythene film to conserve moisture. I visited Kathama, a tiny village in Machakos, where I discovered remarkable farming techniques. This is a novice innovation with great capacity in a water scarce area. In Kathama, I connected with one Joseph Mwanzia; an ageing farmer who uses plastic film technology. By using the technology, he had increased his maize production three-fold. The plastic film technology is an effective technology.

  • Hydroponics Give Kenyan Farmers Fodder For Thought

    By Isaac Mwangi, 11:00 am

    Growing crops in water, or hydroponic agriculture, is changing the fortunes of some Kenyan farmers and helping improve food security. An analytical chemist, Peter Chege has been teaching other farmers from around East Africa the intricacies of hydroponics. The venture has improved his financial status and is gaining him admiration from people across the region.

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