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  • More And More Urban Youth Using Technology To Enter Agriculture In Kenya

    farmers By Staff, 12:21 pm

    Anyona is among a growing army of farmers changing the East African nation’s agriculture sector, giving it a new face. Millions of youth are now venturing into it. Armed with a smart phone, laptop and the internet, the new crop of farmers have engineered a revolution that has not only changed the perception towards farming but is also contributing to the country’s efforts in achieving food security. “This is my third year in farming. Technology has made it easier to navigate,” Anyona said.

  • 12 Ways Tech Is Uplifting Agriculture Industries In Africa

    Tech Is Uplifting The Agricultural Industry In Africa By Peter Pedroncelli, 5:26 am AFKI Original

    As with many sectors in modern business, the agricultural industry in Africa is embracing technology to enhance production and ensure a more profitable future. Tech is able to reduce costs, upskill farm workers and save effort and time in Africa’s largest economic sector. From drone tech to mobile apps that assist farmers, Africa is a pioneer on the agritech front, and the technologies that are being incorporated into agriculture are helping to put food on the tables of people all over the world.

  • Africa Needs To Make A Mooooove On Its $400 Billion Dairy Market

    dairy market By Staff, 12:01 am

    Milk consumption in Africa is the lowest in the world. The continent has more than 10 percent of the world’s cattle, but contributes less than 3 percent to global milk production. African countries import more than $500 million worth of milk a year from Europe and North America. Ghana’s dairy industry has been plagued with challenges including lack of modern technology. Most dairy farmers milk cattle the traditional way, and don’t know where to market their product.

  • 87 Dead In Ethiopian Protests, Opposition Leaders Arrested

    Ethiopian Protests By Staff, 12:03 am

    Reallocating land for new uses is a thorny issue in Ethiopia — a country where the vast majority still survives on smallholder farms. The opposition says farmers have often been forced off land and poorly compensated. Ethiopia has made huge strides toward industrialization with some of the continent’s strongest economic growth rates for a decade. The government says five people died in the protests.

  • Africa To WTO: If You Really Want To End Poverty, Stop Subsidizing Farmers In Rich Countries

    to end poverty stop subsidizing farmers By Dana Sanchez, 6:10 pm

    Subsidies are distorting trade, depressing world prices and affecting poor producers in Africa who can’t compete, lobbyists said at the World Trade Organization conference in Nairobi. Africans are also lobbying for more access to duty free global markets for agricultural products and support at home to protect domestic exports from competition. South Africa has joined the call to prioritize issues affecting least-developed countries.

  • To Arm Against Drought, Kenya Maps Its Water Resources

    By Staff, 8:02 am

    Every time another dry spell hits the region, farmers are forced to dig deeper to ensure a steady supply of the precious resource. One key problem is a lack of data, experts say. According to the Kenya Water Industry Association, not one of the country’s several water regulation agencies, including the Water Resources Management Authority, has reliable data that captures the distribution, quantity and quality of available groundwater.

  • Mozambique’s Leaked Lurio River Project Could Displace 100,000, Critics Say

    lurio_river_mozambique Lurio River Photo: Flickr/Stig Nygaard/foodtank.com By Staff, 12:37 pm

    The leaked plan is the latest in a series of major foreign-based agricultural projects proposed in Mozambique and other African countries that supporters say will bring jobs and boost land productivity but critics fear will displace local people and rob small-scale farmers of their livelihoods. The proposal follows another major project in Mozambique with the government planning to approve Brazil-and-Japan-backed ProSavana Project covering several million hectares to grow soybeans.

  • U.S. Agriculture Equipment Maker ‘Designing Products With Africa In Mind’

    Massey Ferguson-sponsored team summits Mount Kilimanjaro, 2012 Photo: blog.agcocorp.com By Dana Sanchez, 9:27 am

    Africa’s agricultural productivity is one of the lowest in the world, and the U.N. says lack of mechanization is part of the problem. African farms tend to be small, and farmers continue to rely on manual practices to till and cultivate fields. In 2000, there were 200,000 tractors being used in all of sub-Saharan Africa, compared to almost 1 million in China.

  • Rwanda’s Newly Launched $4.4M Coffee Factory To Aid Farmers

    By Makula Dunbar, 5:27 pm

    Friday March 6, The Rwanda Farmers Coffee Company launched the opening of a $4.4M ($3 billion Rwf) coffee factory, according to The New Times. The facility — where roasting and packaging will take place — is located in the Gikondo district of Kigali. Coffee farmers are said to eventually benefit from the factory which will contribute to raising their incomes, offering more production capacity and access to European, Asian and local markets the report said.

  • Most Elumelu Fund-Seeking Entrepreneurs Are Farmers

    By Staff, 2:00 pm

    Based on applicants for the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme, most aspiring entrepreneurs are interested in exploring agriculture, VenturesAfrica reports. This is a far cry from how young entrepreneurs saw the agriculture sector in Africa five years ago, said former Tony Elumelu Foundation CEO Wiebe Boer. Before, agriculture was associated with poverty. Young people certainly didn’t want anything to do with it. Now they’re seeing it has the potential to transform Africa in terms of job creation and food security.

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