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  • Nigeria To Invest In Expanded Electricity Generation With $5.2B World Bank Loan

    electricity generation By Peter Pedroncelli, 6:09 am

    Nigeria is looking to invest in plans to expand electricity generation and capacity with a proposed $5.2 billion loan from the World Bank, thereby boosting economic recovery following the country’s first contraction in a quarter of a century. Nigeria’s power, works, and housing minister Babatunde Fashola has identified the loan amount as a requirement in order to address the issues that the country has in terms of distribution of power, transmission-capacity and poor access to electricity in rural areas. These issues have a knock-on effect for the economy, and addressing these would allow for improved electricity capacity for Nigerian private and public enterprise

  • Rwanda Taps Into ‘Exploding Lake’ To Power Its Economy

    By Kevin Mwanza, 5:45 am

    Less than 20 percent of Rwandan households have electricity, but this could change once the tiny east African country taps into Lake Kivu’s methane reserves that could generate up to 800 megawatts. The Lake, which is also known as the ‘exploding lake’ because of likely eruptions from the 60 billion cubic meters of methane gas it stores, lies at the boarder of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • AfDB Approves $184 Mln Loan To Boost Nigeria’s Private Power Investments

    By Kevin Mwanza, 5:28 am

    The African Development Bank (AfDB) has approves $184.2 million loan to encourage private investments into the Nigerian power sector, PUNCH reported. AfDB also said it had approved $3.1 million loan to help build capacity in power genaration and distribution as the leading oil producer and exporter in Africa works to meet 40,000 megawatts by the year 2020.

  • Ethiopia Working On A 25-Year, $100B Power Master Plan

    By Kevin Mwanza, 8:41 am

    From AllAfrica: As part of the plans to become a regional energy exporter, Ethiopia on Tuesday said it is working on a new power strategy to boost electricity production. Prominent Ethiopian and foreign experts on Tuesday began consulting on ways to implement Addis Ababa’s 25-year power master plan. Head of the state utility, Ethiopian Electric […]

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