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  • Top Sub-Saharan African Countries For Education Investment In 2018

    By Kurt Davis Jr., 3:07 am AFKI Original

    Sub-Saharan Africa is home to the youngest population in the world, and educating these young people is a priority across the continent. By 2022, approximately one in four children may be enrolled in private schooling, suggesting that the time for investing in the sector is today. All that said, private investment in schools is still limited by capital and operational engagement from investors, but this is set to change.

  • South Africa Establishes First Data Science Academy With $3.8M Investment

    The Explore Data Science Academy is the first of its kind in South Africa. Photo - Techcentral By Peter Pedroncelli, 6:23 am

    The first data science training academy has been established in South Africa, with a $3.8 million investment by Business Connexion Group (BCX) enabling the launch of the academy. The substantial investment from information and communications technology firm, Business Connexion Group, has gone towards the establishment of the Explore Data Science Academy, which will aim to satisfy the growing demand for big data analytics and related skills in the country.

  • University Of Cape Town Becomes The First African College To Offer Fintech Degree

    Fintech Degree By Peter Pedroncelli, 7:22 am

    The University of Cape Town in South Africa has become the first tertiary education institution in Africa to offer a specialized fintech degree, which will be available through the university from January 2018. The degree has been designed to provide students with the necessary skills and practical knowledge to acquire or further a career within the modern financial services sector, which is currently experiencing unprecedented growth.

  • South African Edtech Startup Demonstrates E-Learning Platform For Government, Colleges

    edtech startup - Student Hub CEO Hertzy Kabeya with Sma Mahlangu of Vodacom. Photo - Student Hub By Staff, 5:50 am

    South African edtech startup The Student Hub held a two-day workshop showcasing its student-centered digital education system to government, colleges and other stakeholders. Its ERAOnline product will improve education in South Africa, tackling issues such as outdated curriculum, high failure rates, and a skills crisis by assisting colleges in equipping students and helping students complete their learning in record time.

  • Online Education Delivered Via Mobile Has A Bright Future In Africa

    Online education - Edtech improves education and can have the same effect in Africa. Photo - appsforlearning.jpg By Staff, 10:02 am AFKI Original

    Edtech has the chance to increase the access to education for Africans by benefiting of the rising internet penetration rates. From raising literacy levels in poor rural areas where education infrastructure is lacking, to complementing the existing courses at Africa’s top universities, remote learning using educational technology is flexible and versatile.

  • Kenyan Government Initiative Aiming To Enable 1M Digitally Employable Youth

    Kenyan Government Initiative Aiming To Enable 1M Digitally Employable Youth By Peter Pedroncelli, 5:07 am

    In an effort to combat a high youth unemployment rate in the country, the Kenyan government has initiated a program aimed at enabling one million young Kenyans with the digital skills required to become employable within a growing tech industry. The program is called Ajira, which means employment in Swahili, and is funded by the government in partnership with Ajira Digital.

  • Michelle Obama Joins Snapchat Ahead Of Africa Trip To Fight For Gender Equality

    Michelle Obama Africa gender equality By Dana Sanchez, 12:20 pm

    Michelle Obama has joined the popular messaging app Snapchat to promote her upcoming trip to Liberia, Morocco and Spain, where she plans to talk about the educational obstacles facing women. Joining her are Sasha and Malia Obama; their grandmther Marian Robinson; actor and U.S. gender equality activist Meryl Streep; and Indian star Freida Pinto of “Slumdog Millionaire.” Michelle already has 5 million Instagram and 4.6 million Twitter followers.

  • 12 Sub-Saharan African Countries With The Highest Adult Literacy Rates

    African Countries With The Highest Adult Literacy Rates By Keren Mikva, 8:51 pm AFKI Original

    Literacy is a leading factor in evaluating a country’s development. It gives potential investors an idea of how well a country’s citizens will be able to contribute on the global stage. It’s important to recognize the progress South Africa has made to equalize education since apartheid. About 93 percent of the adult population is literate, with 20 percent of the national budget devoted to education. These are the sub-Saharan African countries with the highest literacy rates for adults.

  • Seeking Social Change: Profits From A Ugandan Farm Fund A Struggling School

    Manjeri School Project By Dana Sanchez, 2:23 pm

    What is sustainable agriculture? The idea for a farm to help education came to an Australian who traveled to Uganda on a gap year. He came across “a tiny school with plenty of opportunity” that was bankrupt. He and a team of Sydney professionals have helped build infrastructure for the school, and they’re establishing a farm with goats, aquaculture and crops, reinvesting profits back into the school for a sustainable community.

  • African Entrepreneurs Make A Wish List Ahead Of Obama’s Visit – GeoPoll

    U.S. entrepreneur and musician Akon spoke at the 2015 Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) in Nairobi July 24, 2015. Photo: John Muchucha/Getty By Dana Sanchez, 11:53 am AFKI Original

    Lack of funding is the main barrier for African entrepreneurs but desire for training is just as compelling, according to a new GeoPoll mobile survey. Released to coincide with Obama’s visit to Africa and the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, the survey will help show U.S. companies the strong entrepreneurial spirit in Africa, GeoPoll said. “This information will help guide those looking to invest in Africa.”

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