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  • Trumponomics: Why African Countries Need To Trade More Among Themselves

    African countries need to trade more among themselves By Staff, 5:32 pm

    Over the last 20 years, Africa’s trade with emerging markets has grown rapidly. A slowdown in global trade could hurt demand for Africa’s export commodities. To counter this, African economies must boost intraregional trade. While unlikely to compensate for a global trade slowdown, this might mitigate some of its more negative effects. Faced with the threat of new disruptions to existing trade patterns, it’s important that African economies start trading more among themselves.

  • 10 African Countries That Need A Break From Falling Chinese Imports In 2016

    Falling Chinese Imports In 2016 By Dana Sanchez, 9:28 pm

    China became one of Nigeria’s top oil buyers, then cut oil imports by more than 50% in 2015. Oil contributes up to 90% of Nigeria’s export revenue. It could get very uncomfortable for Africa’s largest economy in 2016. To withstand global volatility, Africa must develop domestic capacity by increasing manufacturing and growing intra-African trade, World Bank said. These are 10 African countries that could be hit hardest by falling Chinese imports6.

  • World Bank Warns Of 2016 Perfect Storm If BRICS Slow Down In Sync

    Perfect Storm If BRICS Slow Down By Staff, 12:01 am

    Simultaneous slowdowns in BRICS economies will jeopardize chances of a pick-up in global growth in 2016, World Bank reports. In a scenario unmatched since the ’80s, most of the largest emerging market economies are slowing at the same time. Benefits from reforms to governance and business conditions are potentially large and could help offset the effects of slow growth, said bank President Jim Yong Kim.

  • China’s Slowing Economy Makes US A More Attractive Investor In Africa

    us-africa By Staff, 12:20 am

    A decade ago, Mugabe told a packed rally at the Chinese-built national sports stadium in Harare, “We have turned east, where the sun rises, and given our back to the west, where the sun sets.” This century may well be Asia’s, but the sun is not setting in the west as quickly as Mugabe predicted. Today, it is far from being a zero-sum choice between the East or West. Diversification of partnerships is the favored strategy of many African governments.

  • Opinion: Chinese Economic Slowdown Won’t Hurt African Imports…For Now

    china in africa getty By Staff, 12:16 pm

    China’s GDP growth rate of 7.4 percent for 2014 was the weakest in 25 years but the Chinese economic slowdown isn’t expected to hurt African imports…not yet anyway. If there is less investment inside China, the government may look to further strengthen their investment abroad, and Africa would seem like the obvious place. There is concern that Chinese workers are often segregated from African settlements.

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