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eBay: Latest News

  • eBay Expands To Africa

    eBay By Staff, 8:31 am

    eBay opened up its U.S. platform to Africa through its partnership with MallforAfrica.com. Americans can now buy products on eBay from select vendors in six African countries, starting with merchandise in fashion, art, jewelry, and clothing. MallforAfrica selects the sellers and handles payments. DHL is the shipping. Online shoppers can browse the entire collection on eBay’s Mall for Africa Store. The new online channel expands an existing relationship between the two e-commerce companies.

  • MallforAfrica And eBay Partner So Africans Can Sell Handmade Goods To US Consumers

    MallforAfrica And eBay Provide Opportunity For Africans To Sell Handmade Goods To US Consumers By Peter Pedroncelli, 2:36 am

    African e-commerce platform MallforAfrica and global market leader eBay have announced a development that builds on their existing partnership to enable the sale of African handmade goods into the U.S.. MallforAfrica and eBay will now provide Africans in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, and Rwanda with a new platform to sell their unique artisan products into the U.S.

  • MallforAfrica Launches Dedicated Website To Give Africans Direct Access To Millions Of eBay Products

    Digital payments - MallforAfrica is an e-commerce platform that allows Africans to buy online internationally. Photo: MFA By Peter Pedroncelli, 6:26 am

    African e-commerce platform MallforAfrica (MFA) has announced the launch of a new dedicated website for eBay shopping enthusiasts in Africa. Available in Nigeria and Kenya, before a role out to other African countries, the website ebayforafrica.com see the online site extend its relationship with eBay for the benefit of customers in Africa, allowing them to access tens of millions of eBay.com listings directly from the site. African online shoppers will now have unprecedented access to millions more products.

  • eBay Gives U.S. Sellers Access To African Buyers With MallForAfrica.com Deal

    By Kevin Mwanza, 6:51 am

    US based market platform, eBay Inc., has partnered with online shopping startup MallsforAfrica.com to give its sellers access to Africa’s biggest consumer market from July 2016. MallforAfrica.com was launched in 2010 by Nigerian Chris Folayan, with the aim of enabling African consumers to shop from western retailers. It claims to offer access to more than 8.5 billion items through 100 online stores including partnerships with Amazon, BestBuy, Macys and Bloomingdale.

  • Naspers Funding Mobile App Letgo To Take Over US Classified Market

    mobile app Letgo By Dana Sanchez, 10:07 am

    South Africa’s Naspers hopes to capitalize on lack of innovation in U.S. mobile classifieds with $100 million in funding for mobile app letgo, considered by some to be a new-generation OLX. Letgo will be competing with Craigslist and eBay, and plans an aggressive marketing campaign targeting U.S. consumers. Founder Alec Oxenford thinks he can do better because letgo’s focus is on mobile first.

  • In Ivory Coast Small Business Owners Move Goods Online

    By Kevin Mwanza, 5:51 am

    BBC reports that small business owners in Ivory Coast are moving their goods and services to the online marketplaces, known as Keymu, that gives them a new platform on which to sell and potentially increasing customer numbers and profits. The Ebay like platform that allows anyone to sell and buy could become the next big common goods market in the west African country. Take up in Ivory Coast has been faster than anywhere else in Africa.

  • eBay: Internet Levels Playing Field In Developing Regions

    By Dana Sanchez, 1:48 pm

    Traditional brick-and-mortar businesses in developing markets have a survival rate of 30 percent to 50 percent after their first year, according to eBay research. But when they have access to technology-
    enabled commerce, that number rises to 60 percent -to -80 percent.

  • Tech Leader SOFTtribe Tackling Crime, Ebay of Africa Void

    By Ben Wolford, 11:36 am AFKI Original

    In 1990, Ghana’s economy and politics were on the cusp of a turnaround. Dominated for years by coups and military heads of state, the West African nation was heading into an era of democratic elections and privately created wealth.

  • Silicon Savannah: Is Nairobi The Next Tech World Capital?

    By Dana Sanchez, 7:37 am

    Kenya’s growth in technology has been attributed to strong national leadership, particularly the establishment of a strong regulator.Launched in January 2013, Konza technology city is expected to cement Kenya’s role as a regional tech hub in Africa. Kenyan e-commerce is thriving. It is considered the global leader in mobile money transfer services. Confidence in the Internet is high. Check out these 2013 sector trends for Kenya’s online, social and mobile usage.

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