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  • Machine-Vision Drones Now Being Used To Monitor Animals In The African Savanna

    machine-vision drones By Staff, 7:26 am

    The Kalahari is a semi-arid sandy savanna that stretches across huge areas of Botswana, South Africa, and Namibia. It is home to a wide variety of large mammals including giraffes, ostriches, gnus, and various species of gazelle. Food resources constantly change in the savanna as rainfall changes, from grazing pressure and as bush fires spread across the land. Enter Nicolas Rey at the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne who have trained a machine-vision drones to do the job instead.

  • 10 Ways In Which Drones Are Positively Impacting Industries Across Africa

    pioneering digital media projects By Peter Pedroncelli, 8:25 am AFKI Original

    There are a number of ways in which drone technology is positively impacting industries in Africa, with numerous sectors benefiting from the advantages that drone tech provides. Previously associated with warfare and destruction, drones of all shapes and sizes are now being developed to tackle everyday issues and empower communities across the continent. From agriculture to safety in shark-infested waters, drones have found their place in a modern African context.

  • Silicon Valley Drone Startup Expanding Blood Deliveries In Africa With UK Funding

    Silicon Valley drone startup expanding By Dana Sanchez, 12:01 am

    Tanzania, Rwanda and Malawi have a permissive approach to drone regulations, helping make them attractive places for trials. Madagascar has also tested drones to reduce the time it takes to transport life-saving supplies in areas where roads are impassable or transport infrastructure is nonexistent. How useful are drones for carrying out human welfare tasks? The work is still too new and the data too thin to know. One study said humanitarian cargoes are often much heavier than a drone can handle.

  • E-Commerce In Africa: How To Deal With Lack Of Street Addresses?

    E-Commerce In Africa By Dana Sanchez, 12:57 pm

    More than 70 percent of the world don’t have a street address, and sub-Saharan Africa leads. About 200 million people live in slums — home to the informal economy that is creating jobs. Big box stores like Cape Town-based clothing retailer Foschini Group are tapping in to the economic buying power of informal settlements. They’re coming up with innovative solutions to deliver e-commerce purchases to people who don’t have addresses.

  • For U.S. Soldiers Based In Djibouti, Africa Is A ‘Leadership Lab’

    U.S. soldiers based in Djibouti By Dana Sanchez, 9:50 pm

    For ambitious young U.S. soldiers seeking leadership, a deployment in Africa is hard to beat. And that means being based in Djibouti. Djibouti’s status as a stable country in an otherwise volatile region is an asset worth millions of dollars in rent. Djibouti enjoys a lucrative role as a landlord. The U.S. pays $63 million a year to rent its base at Camp Lemonnier. China is building a base 8 miles away, and will be paying $100 million for theirs.

  • Business Opportunity: Africa Needs More Warehouse Space To Store E-Commerce Merchandise

    By Dana Sanchez, 3:21 pm AFKI Original

    Online retail is still small by global standards in much of Africa, but it’s growing fast thanks to increased penetration of smartphones. E-commerce in Africa is expected to be worth $50 billion in 2018, up from US$8 billion in 2013. There’s rising demand for warehouse space by manufacturers seeking to expand in Africa. Knight Frank singled out landlocked Zambia as one of the most promising logistics locations in sub-Sahara, thanks to its geographical position at the intersection of Southern, Eastern and Central Africa.

  • 10 Drone Videos That Will Give You A New Perspective On Africa

    drone videos By Joe Kennedy, 7:00 pm

    We love just about any video about Africa, but there’s something about drone videos that really gets us excited: They capture the majesty of the continent in a totally unique way; they can go where no camera has previously gone; and they breathe life into even familiar spots. As drone technology becomes more widespread, increasing numbers of drone videos of Africa are surfacing.

  • ‘A Lot Like Uber’: UPS To Test Drones For Deliveries In Africa

    UPS To Test Drones By Dana Sanchez, 12:53 pm

    UPS’s drone plan in Rwanda is seen as an aggressive move in logistics. Amazon and other competitors also are developing drones to cut costs for shipping and package delivery. If all goes well, ordering drone delivery could work “a lot like Uber,” said the CEO of U.S. robotics firm Zipline. Except that Zipline works with any mobile phone, not just smartphones. Rwanda’s uncrowded airspace is ideal for the pilot project. Just don’t expect it in the U.S. anytime soon.

  • Drones Play An Increasing Role In African Mine Management

    By Dana Sanchez, 10:48 am

    Only a handful of African mines use next-generation technology such as drones, but that’s expected to increase in the next two years, according to a survey of 100 mine managers. Africa’s first commercial drone startups are catering to African mines. SA-based Rocketmine has seven pilots, 15 eBee drones, and flies in Africa “wherever the requests come from.” Ghana-based Aeroshutter has six staff and a fleet of DGI drones with SD card cameras running Pix4D and Dronedeploy mapping software.

  • U.S. Shuts Down Drone Operation In Ethiopia

    Aircrews perform a preflight check on an MQ-9 Reaper before it takes of for a mission. Photo: af.mil By Dana Sanchez, 9:08 am

    “Our presence…was never meant to be permanent,” a U.S. official said. Ethiopia and the U.S. are allies in East Africa fighting Islamic extremists despite Ethiopia’s history of human rights issues. The Obama administration has tried to avoid deploying troops to Somalia since the 1993 “Black Hawk Down” debacle in which 18 Americans were killed when two U.S. military helicopters were shot down in Mogadishu.

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