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  • Rhino DNA Database Helps Officials Catch Poachers And Traffickers

    save the rhino - Rhino DNA Database Helps Officials Catch Poachers And Traffickers By Mongabay, 4:51 am

    A DNA database system is helping authorities prosecute and convict poachers and rhino horn traffickers in Africa. RhODIS, as the system is called, is built on a foundational database with genetic information from nearly 4,000 individual rhinos. By comparing the frequencies of alleles in confiscated horn and horn products with those in tissue from a poached animal, investigators can then come up with a probable match for where that horn came from.

  • DNA Barcoding Tech Helps With Identification Of Endangered Sharks And Rays

    DNA barcoding By Mongabay, 10:26 am

    Researchers using DNA barcoding technology found that over 70 percent of shark fins and ray gill plates, collected from sellers in multiple countries, came from threatened species. They determined the species of 129 dried commercial fin and gill samples. The study’s findings support the use of DNA barcoding as a tool to help enforcement agencies determine whether processed specimens derive from legal or illegal species.

  • Ethiopian Human Genome Suggests Ancient Backflow Migration To Africa

    Ancient Backflow Migration To Africa By Dana Sanchez, 11:48 am

    Homo sapiens emerged in Africa and migrated off the continent, populating almost every corner of the planet. A 4,500-year-old skeleton found in Ethiopia has produced Africa’s first ancient human genome. Its DNA suggests Middle Eastern farmers migrated back to Africa 4,500 years ago, leaving traces of Eurasian ancestry in the genomes of many modern-day Africans. No one knows why they migrated back to Africa, but they brought new crops.

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