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Diversity: Latest News

  • How Technology Is Empowering South African Women

    women By Staff, 8:18 am

    The IT industry is in a position to change the roles of women in the workplace and society–as new technology-enabled learning, employment, and business opportunities emerge in the digital era. We’re seeing a number of important tech trends converging: from high-speed mobile networks, to low-cost smartphones, publicly-available e-learning tools and powerful Cloud-enabled software. Today, one’s location becomes less important, as women in rural areas gain more opportunities to empower themselves.

  • Opinion: Getting Africa’s Energy Transformation Right Will Involve Policies, Investments That Boost Diversity

    Africa's energy transformation By Staff, 1:00 am

    Africa has an opportunity to pioneer the next investment frontier. Rather than treating new climate-related risks as hurdles to overcome, African policymakers should view them as opportunities for investment and innovation. To accelerate a market shift on the scale that Africa needs will require increased financing from export credit agencies, development banks, commercial financial institutions, and other cross-border sources.

  • South Africa’s First Black Female Winemaker Launches Her Own Brand

    first black female winemaker By Dana Sanchez, 9:34 am

    There are just 37 black-owned wine brands in South Africa, the world’s seventh-largest wine producing country. The industry employs 290,000 people at 550-plus wineries. Empowerment and transformation has been slow to increase black ownership and leadership. Ntsiki Biyela, South Africa’s first black female winemaker, is a role model and symbol of change. She recently launched her own brand, Aslina wines, named after her grandmother in a rural KwaZulu-Natal village of 1,000 people. The wines are set for export to the U.S. later this year.

  • Opinion: Diversity Is An Issue In South African Advertising Agencies

    South African advertising agencies By Staff, 9:32 pm

    South Africa has a cultural heritage built on patriarchal hierarchies. With 85 percent of all purchases and financial decisions made by women, brands realize that male-dominated ad agencies are less likely to produce campaigns that speak directly to or appeal to women. In South Africa, this is compounded by lack of diversity. English is the first language of South Africa’s advertising business, but it’s not the mother tongue of 91 percent of the population.

  • 8 Black Astronauts Selected Against The Odds To Go Into Space

    By Julia Austin, 11:18 am AFKI Original

    Michael Anderson wanted to be an astronaut since childhood, and was accepted into the NASA astronaut training corps after only one try. He oversaw more than 80 scientific experiments on the space shuttle Columbia, and died when it disintegrated over Texas on Feb. 1, 2003. NASA says it selects astronauts from a diverse pool of applicants. Just 321 astronauts were selected as of 2012. Of those, 16 were of African descent. Here are 8 black astronauts selected to go into space.

  • How Diverse Is Nigeria’s Economy Across State Lines?

    By Dana Sanchez, 3:16 pm

    There are big differences in income and social conditions across Nigerian states, according to U.S.-based research company Renaissance Capital. Life expectancy and school completion rates vary widely between north and south. Monthly oil revenue allocations from the central government account for about a third of Lagos State’s revenue — far less than most other states, according to TheAfricaReport. Lagos generated more than twice the tax revenue of the 19 northern Nigerian states combined. Most Nigerian states would be bankrupt without the monthly oil revenue allocations.

  • State Of Minorities In Africa: There Is Much Left To Be Done

    By Andrew Friedman, 4:08 am AFKI Original

    Scholars estimate that more than 2000 languages are spoken across Africa. Additionally, estimates put the number of ethnic groups in the thousands. While there are far fewer different religions practiced across the continent, the diversity of practices and traditions within individual religious is extraordinary.

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