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  • Most Disputes Involving Private Investments In Africa Relate To Land Rights, Report Says

    By Mongabay, 9:25 am

    There’s a mistaken belief that Africa is a continent of empty, freely available land open for development. Companies investing in land in Africa feel they can cut a deal with the government, raze the land, and create vast plantations. “No land is unclaimed,” a stakeholder said. “Uprooting communities without their consent from their lands and traditional livelihoods creates conflicts and social unrest.” Most disputes involving private investments in Africa – 63 percent – relate to local people being displaced off their land. These disputes affect sugarcane and palm oil production, mining for gold, diamonds and coal, and green energy to harvest wind and solar power.

  • Cash Instead Of Land For Kruger Park Communities Displaced By Apartheid

    Kruger Park Communities Displaced By Apartheid By Staff, 9:03 pm

    About 318,000 hectares of farmland was taken from hundreds families at the Kruger National Park after 1913 and 17 claims were filed against the park by locals in 1998. The government wants to keep Kruger Park intact. It’s a major tourist draw and home to many animal species, so the government is compensating with cash instead of allowing communities to resettle in the park’s boundaries. About 8M hectares of farmland have been transferred to black owners since the end of apartheid — a third of the ANC’s 30% target.

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