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  • To Meet Aircraft Demand, Boeing Opens Offices In South Africa And Kenya

    Boeing opens offices in South Africa and Kenya By Dana Sanchez, 11:51 am

    One of the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers, U.S.-based Boeing ranked No. 2 among defense contractor in the world in 2016. Boeing Defense does business with countries across Africa in security including surveillance drones. “The aerospace industry needs to start paying closer attention to Africa, because this continent is clearly on the move economically and all the trends are pointing in the right direction for the expansion of the sector,” a Boeing stakeholder said. Boeing hopes its two new African offices will be positioned to meet an anticipated demand of 1,150 new aircraft in Africa by 2035.

  • Ethiopian Space Race: Plans To Produce Satellites, Launch Rockets Locally

    Ethiopian space race By Dana Sanchez, 10:57 am

    A scholarly tradition tied to agriculture, stargazing in Ethiopia predates Christianity. Some historians argue that the first study of celestial bodies can be traced back to Ethiopia. Ethiopia’s space ambitions could make it the first country in the Horn of Africa and Northeast Africa to become a space power. Developing satellites and rocket launchers locally in Ethiopia could prompt Kenya, Uganda, Egypt and even Sudan to accelerate their own space ambitions.

  • What Economic Slowdown? Exports Surge, Revenue Up For South African Defense Business

    revenue up for South African defense By Dana Sanchez, 2:29 pm

    South Africa’s economy may be close to recession, but you wouldn’t know it from the country’s booming defense industry. Exports have helped revenue grow 41 percent at Denel, South Africa’s state-owned aerospace and defense conglomerate. Business is also good at Paramount Group, Africa’s largest privately owned defense and aerospace business. This homegrown South African firm does business in 30-plus countries, led by founder Ivor Ichikowitz.

  • South Africa’s Wish List For Indian Market Access: Defense, Mining, Renewable Energy

    South Africa's wish list for Indian market By Staff, 6:52 pm

    South Africa is looking to increase and diversify its exports to India and has identified new areas for market access. Indian Prime Minister Modi said the ties between South Africa and India have grown stronger in the past two decades. Trade between the two countries grew more than 300 percent in the past 10 years. President Jacob Zuma said South Africa is keen to explore opportunities for training from India.

  • Israel’s Friends In Africa: Who Is, Who Isn’t, Who’s Not Saying. Can Israel Get A.U. Observer Status?

    Israel's friends in Africa By Dana Sanchez, 10:29 pm

    Even if there are countries in Africa that disagree with Israel on certain issues, they should not be able to veto the continent’s cooperation with the Jewish state, the Ethiopian leader says. Israel does not have formal diplomatic relations with at least nine predominantly Muslim sub-Saharan countries, but Islamic extremism in Africa could change that. Security, including military training and border controls, could be Israel’s No. 1 export to Africa.

  • 17 African Countries Just Got Better At Managing Their Airspace

    17 African countries just got better at managing their airspace By Dana Sanchez, 4:41 pm

    Madrid-based tech company Indra has been chosen to install a satellite-based surveillance system network in 17 African countries that uses GPS to determine an aircraft’s location, speed and other data. The network broadcasts data to ground stations that relay them to air traffic control displays and to nearby aircraft equipped to receive them. Aircraft equipped with the technology can get weather and traffic information delivered directly to the cockpit. Automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast is a cornerstone of next-generation air traffic modernization, and the U.S. has mandated that aircraft must be equipped with it by 2020.

  • 8 Things You Didn’t Know About South Sudan’s Luol Deng

    Luol Deng By Keren Mikva, 8:23 am AFKI Original

    Luol Deng is known for his incredible abilities on the court in the National Basketball Association (NBA), and the player from South Sudan makes Africans proud by representing the continent in the world’s top basketball platform as a Miami Heat player. In an effort to learn more about the basketball star, here are 8 things you didn’t know about Luol Deng.

  • Paramount Partners With Navantia For New Business Opportunities In Africa

    Paramount Partners With Navantia By Dana Sanchez, 12:10 am

    South African defense and aerospace company Paramount has greatly expanded its naval business. Navantia brings to the table experience in the design and construction of naval vessels and systems. Paramount brings insights in naval security, and a commitment to growing a competitive shipbuilding industry in South Africa, the company says.

  • 10 Not So Wimpy Weapons Made In South Africa

    By Dana Sanchez, 12:06 pm AFKI Original

    South Africans are behind some of the world’s innovations, including weapons. A post-apartheid weapons maker says South Africa is making top-notch weapons. Others scoff at the idea that the country today could defend itself from a serious attack. We all read reports recently of how ageing white South Africans are helping to bring Boko Haram’s six-year reign of terror to an end in Nigeria. Here are some of the military weapons and equipment developed or built in South Africa that they may have had at their disposal.

  • 16 Most Powerful Militaries In Africa

    By Keren Mikva, 12:03 pm AFKI Original

    South Africa uses its highly advanced military for peacekeeping and international cooperation. Its aircraft and naval vessels are notoriously well equipped with the latest technology. The South African military is a force to be reckoned with but it’s not No. 1 on this list. The following 16 countries represent the most powerful militaries in Africa.

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