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  • South Africa’s Big 12 Retailers Shift From Expansion To Tech Investment

    shift from expansion to tech investment By Staff, 11:08 am

    Data from the big 12 retailers in South Africa show that they are putting their money into store refurbishments and IT instead of African expansion. Compare this to five years ago. The picture was very different. There was talk of aggressive store rollouts. Some South African companies have expanded into Europe and the U.K. to diversify earnings, but when the rand strengthened, those companies lost out. The customer focus is grounded in technology for the Big 12. IT is playing a critical role in investing in customers — building online capability, enhancing efficiency across supply chains and distribution, and reward programs to enhance client insights.

  • Opinion: How Walmart Should Operate Its Business In Nigeria

    Walmart By Staff, 7:35 pm

    Walmart is in advanced talks to open stores in Nigeria. A Canadian law professor has some suggestions on how the world’s top retailer should do business there: “Let the Walmart in Nigeria be a Nigerian Walmart…do not allow Walmart and its ilk to play into the long-held philosophy of American monopolists that strength gives the strong in the market the right to destroy the weaker…Let Walmart remain in Lagos…”

  • 10 Secrets People In The Restaurant Industry Won’t Tell You

    By Keren Mikva, 11:48 am AFKI Original

    “Specials” aren’t really so special — they’re usually created with whatever is overstocked in the kitchen, or is about to go off. Chefs will create specials in an attempt to get rid of product, not necessarily to suggest something incredible to patrons. That isn’t to say that specials aren’t good, but often you aren’t getting what you’re paying for – especially if it’s marked way up. Here are 10 secrets people in the restaurant industry won’t tell you because it might make you think twice about picking up a menu again.

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