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  • Low Corporate Tax Rate Beckons Investors To Under-The-Radar Mauritania

    low corporate tax rate Mauritania By Kurt Davis Jr., 10:24 am AFKI Original

    Mauritania requires no royalty payments, which is not the norm. This is a benefit for oil, gas and mining explorers anxious about paying royalties when commodity prices are unpredictable. Mauritania’s corporate income tax rate is relatively low at 25% — a plus in a region where the tax and fiscal systems can change any investor’s outlook on risk and reward. Large government irrigation projects have aided agricultural production in the desert. Israeli technology and cropping strategies have had some success in other parts of Africa. There is potential here, but it requires investment in technology — not always a priority in agriculture.

  • Ghana: Proposed New Laws, Foreign Investors Must Give Jobs To Locals

    By Dana Sanchez, 3:48 pm

    About half Ghana’s exports go to South Africa. In 2010, there were 11 South African businesses in Ghana; now there are 40, a report says.

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