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  • India Wants To Buy South African Coal Mines To Feed Its Resurgent Coal Industry

    India Wants To Buy South African Coal Mines By Dana Sanchez, 4:58 pm

    India doesn’t have enough reserves of coking coal to feed its expanding steel industry so it’s in talks with South Africa to buy coal mines there. Environmentalists are worried. Coal India provides more than half of India’s power. Eskom supplies about 95% of South Africa’s power, mainly from coal. Global investment banks are being pressured by environmental groups to steer clear of dirty energy.

  • People And Power: Dangote Is Investing In Zimbabwe Coal, Power, Cement

    Dangote Is Investing In Zimbabwe By Dana Sanchez, 3:21 pm

    Africa’s richest man, Nigeria’s Aliko Dangote is investing in Zimbabwe coal, power and cement. Zimbabwe has lagged behind neighbors Mozambique and Zambia in attracting foreign investment but the government said in July it had approved $971M in foreign investment in the first half of 2015 versus $555M a year ago. Dangote Cement faces intense competition in the African cement sector.

  • 10 Most Mineral-Rich Countries In Africa

    mineral-rich countries in Africa By Keren Mikva, 8:14 am AFKI Original

    With 44 percent of Africa’s uranium supply, Niger is one of the continent’s leading producers. Minerals account for more than 40 percent of Niger’s exports. Niger also mines for cement, coal, goal, gypsum, limestone, salt, silver, and tin. Since uranium is naturally radioactive, it’s used most commonly in nuclear power plants to generate electricity. When it comes to the stuff bling is made of, Africa is blessed. These are the most mineral-rich countries in Africa.

  • South Africa May Import Power From Mozambique, Botswana

    Medupi Coal Power Station, South Africa. Photo: pdcgroup.com By Dana Sanchez, 9:09 am

    South Africa, once a net exporter of electricity, could import coal and electricity from Mozambique and Botswana to compensate for its own power shortages. South Africa is the fifth-largest coal-producing country in the world, producing an average of 224 million tones of marketable coal a year. About 25 percent is exported. This makes South Africa the third-largest coal-exporting country.

  • Opinion: In The War On Coal, Coal Is A weapon Of Climate Destruction

    By Staff, 12:53 pm

    Globally, there is a growing move away from fossil fuels even as the coal, oil, and gas industries do all in their power to retain profits and the status quo. In a new report, Oxfam says the financial costs associated with the damage done by ongoing coal mining and burning by G7 countries (the U.S., the U.K., Canada, France, Germany, Italy, and Japan) outweigh the aid and assistance money they spend on rural development or agriculture in Africa.

  • Opinion: Is Coal Worth More To South Africa Than Gold?

    By Staff, 12:32 am

    Coal has leapfrogged gold as South Africa’s No. 1 resource, contributing more to its gross domestic product and making it vulnerable to wage strikes. As the resource has become critical for electricity generation in South Africa, a protracted coal mining strike could leave the economy in a worse state than if gold-sector negotiations turn sour.

  • Global Push To Dump Coal As Energy Transitions To Gas, Renewable

    Delmas open-air coal mine, South Africa. Photo: Yann Arthus Bertrand By Dana Sanchez, 9:20 am

    Europe’s major gas companies — some of whom own coal plants –are calling for a global push to dump coal in favor of gas and renewable energy. “Technical progress is powering an energy transition that is not just European, but global,” a French company boss said. How will this call to arms against coal affect South Africa?

  • How Renewable Energy Is Quietly Edging Out Coal In South Africa

    By Staff, 11:53 pm

    Although still heavily dependent on fossil fuels, South Africa has been quietly creating one of the world’s most progressive alternative energy plans. Solar, biomass and wind energy systems are popping up all over the country and feeding clean energy into the strained electrical grid. Renewable energy has a long way to go to overtake South Africa’s reliance on coal though.

  • Coal, Minerals Company Exxaro Lifts South African Stocks

    By Staff, 6:30 am

    South African stocks edged higher for a second straight session on Friday, led by coal producer Exxaro which flagged full-year losses more benign than analysts had forecast. Exxaro, which also has interests in iron ore and base metals, said it would swing to a loss due to a write down in a Congo Republic iron ore project, but a further fall was capped by good performance in its coal arm.

  • South Africa Signs $10B Nuclear Power Deal With Russia

    By Kevin Mwanza, 4:52 am

    South Africa has signed a $10bn nuclear power cooperation agreement with Russia for the construction of up to 9.6GW of nuclear facilities based on Russian technology. The agreement for large scale nuclear power plant (NPP) development was signed during the International Atomic Energy Agency General (IAEAG) Conference in Vienna between Russia’s Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation director general Sergey Kirienko and South Africa’s Energy Minister Tina Joemat-Pettersson.

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