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  • Buhari’s Undisclosed Illness: Should Investors Keep Giving Him The Benefit Of The Doubt?

    Buhari's undisclosed illness By Global Risk Insights, 4:15 pm

    Investors continue buying Nigerian bonds despite economic recession for the first time in 25 years, and urgent calls for reform. In March, high-profile investors competed on the London Stock Exchange for Nigerian debt, a 15-year $1B eurobond issued while President Buhari was being treated in London for an undisclosed illness. S&P affirmed a stable economic outlook. If Buhari leaves office abruptly, the administration’s gains in the fight against Boko Haram could be reversed, an analyst said. The president’s mystery illness is generating uncertainty.

  • ‘Africa Excites Our Imagination’: Netanyahu Offers 15 African Leaders Partnership

    Netanyahu offers 15 African leaders partnership By Dana Sanchez, 6:05 pm

    In a closed-door meeting at this week’s U.N. General Assembly, Netanyahu said he plans to visit West Africa later this year, “but I don’t intent to limit myself to East Africa or West Africa. Israel is looking at all of Africa,” he said. “And I hope that all of Africa looks at Israel.” Energyia Global Capital, a Jerusalem-based solar enterprise, launched East Africa’s first solar field in 2015 in Rwanda. The company is prepared to invest $2 billion in Africa over the next four years through Obama’s Power Africa program. The goal is clean electricity for 50 million people by 2020.

  • 12 Things You Should Know About Gambia’s Ramadan Music Ban

    By Keren Mikva, 8:17 am

    In a show of force ahead of the upcoming December election, Gambian President Yahya Jammeh banned music during Ramadan. He has been in power since a 1994 coup. “As the Muslim community observes the holy month of Ramadan, all the ceremonies and festivities involving singing, music and dancing are banned day and night,” he said. Citizens have been ordered to incriminate each other. About 90 percent of The Gambia is Muslim.

  • New Central Africa President Promises Peace. Is He Up For It?

    new Central Africa president promises peace By Dana Sanchez, 1:16 pm

    Some question whether Central African Republic’s new president can deal with the armed bands that roam the country, attacking civilians and exploiting gold production. Can he restore the wrecked economy of a mostly rural country where administration has vanished in entire regions? Attending the swearing-in ceremony was engineer Igor Ali, 29. This is a “great event which will allow us to finally bury the past,” he said. Also attending was Nadege, a shopkeeper who lives in a Bangui camp for displaced people with her six children. “I want Touadera to disarm the militia. We have suffered too much,” she said.

  • Central African Republic Votes In Presidential Runoff

    Central African Republic Votes In Presidential Runoff By Staff, 4:53 pm

    Voters in the Central African Republic cast ballots Sunday in a presidential runoff they hope will bring peace after the country’s worst sectarian violence since independence in 1960. The two men in the close presidential race are both former prime ministers who have campaigned on promises to restore security and boost the economy in the mineral-rich but poor country. Both are Christians.

  • Ghanaian Chelsea Winger Christian Atsu To Join Malaga On Loan

    By Staff, 6:04 am

    Ghana and Chelsea winger Christian Atsu has swerved Levante to join rival Spanish top-flight side Malaga on loan on Monday. The Ghana international joined Malaga on Monday evening despite earlier reports that he was heading to Levante. With limited opportunities at Stamford Bridge, the 24-year-old has been sent out to gain experience in Spain. The Ghana international moved to Bournemouth on loan at the beginning of this season, but was recalled by the Blues after failing to make an impact with just two appearances

  • Jobs Are Africa’s Best Response To Boko Haram, Dangote Says

    By Dana Sanchez, 5:27 pm

    While the Nigerian economy is Africa’s largest and enjoys growth of more than 7 percent, it has failed to bring prosperity to its largely Muslim north, making the area a breeding ground for radical groups like Boko Haram. Nigeria must deploy economic resources to its poorest region, according to a ChristianScienceMonitor editorial. Africa’s richest man is doing it. President Goodluck Jonathan must do it too. Sending more troops is not the best answer.

  • Who Is Really In Control Of Nigeria?

    By Dana Sanchez, 4:30 pm

    Economic growth has not translated into security in Nigeria, FinancialTimes reports. There’s insurrection in the north known as Boko Haram, religious and ethnic conflict in the middle where Muslim herdsmen and Christian farmers are colliding and in the south, potential for the oil patch to flare up again. There are too many private jets on the runway and too few children in schools, says John Campbell, former ambassador to Nigeria.

  • Bizarre Easter Traditions From Around The World

    By Keren Mikva, 6:00 am

    Rather than honoring the traditional Easter bunny, Australians take the holiday as a time to recognize the endangered bilby — a desert-dwelling marsupial. The Easter Bilby brings chocolate and eggs to the children. Not only is it a good moment to sneak in some species saving, but it’s also a snub to rabbits, which have become an enormous pest in Australia, destroying crops across the country.

  • CAR President Catherine Samba-Panza Encourages Peace on Country Tour

    By Makula Dunbar, 6:08 pm

    Last week, Central African Republic (CAR) president Catherine Samba-Panza toured the country in hopes to encourage peace between the Muslim Seleka group and the anti-balaka Christian militia. Visiting areas of the country with a high concentration of Muslims, her convoy was turned away, according to a CCTV Africa report.

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