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Chad: Latest News

  • 12 Things You Didn’t Know About Former Chadian Dictator, Hissène Habré

    By Keren Mikva, 2:52 pm

    Habré’s conviction in Senegal is the first instance of universal jurisdiction being used to convict a former head of state for human rights abuses. The principle of universal jurisdiction allows a national court to hear a case regardless of where the crime took place. The International Criminal Court did not have jurisdiction to try Habré, as it is limited to events that took place after the ICC was established in 2002.

  • 10 Longest-Reigning African Dictators

    By Becca Blond, 12:20 pm AFKI Original

    Omar Hassan al-Bashir has ruled Sudan for 25 years and 7 months, but he’s nowhere near to being No. 1 on this list. He overthrew a democratically elected civilian government and the country has been in a state of civil war ever since. More than 1 million people are reported dead. This morning, Bashir slipped out of South Africa, where he was attending and A.U. summit, after the ICC ordered him to be detained. These are 10 of the longest-reigning African dictators.

  • Keshi Singles Out Nigeria Players For Praise

    Stephen Keshi By Peter Pedroncelli, 7:02 am

    Nigeria coach Stephen Keshi was selective with his praise following his side’s 2017 Africa Cup of Nation (AFCON) home qualifier win against Chad. The Super Eagles began their qualifying series with a 2-0 home victory over Chad, with Gbolahan Salami and Odion Ighalo ensuring the win thanks to their second half goals in Kaduna.

  • Keshi Relies On Local Players For Nigeria AFCON Qualifier

    Stephen Keshi By Peter Pedroncelli, 2:10 am AFKI Original

    Nigeria coach Stephen Keshi has called up a squad of 26 players who play their club football in the Nigerian local leagues for the upcoming 2017 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) qualifier against Chad in Kaduna next month. Keshi will be expecting good things from his locally-based squad.

  • 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Chad

    Tibesti-Mountain-in-Chad By Lara Moses, 5:00 am

    Even though Chad is not the safest place to visit at the moment due to political turmoil, it is still one of the most beautiful and untouched parts of Africa. Let’s hope that the problems clear up soon, so we can visit this amazing part of the world. But in the meantime, here are a few things you didn’t know about Chad.

  • 10 Things You Didn’t Know About U.S. Ambassador Terence Todman

    By Keren Mikva, 10:49 am AFKI Original

    U.S. Ambassador Terence Todman once threatened to quit if he was continually assigned to Africa. He criticized the State Department for sending black diplomats to African and Caribbean countries, referring to them as “ghetto” assignments. After serving as ambassador to Chad in the early ’70s, Todman threatened to quit if he was assigned to another African nation.He became the first black U.S. ambassador to a Latin American country. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Terence Todman.

  • 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Chad’s Independence Day

    By Becca Blond, 2:45 am AFKI Original

    Though France turned over power in Chad on Aug. 11, 1960, it hasn’t been far from removed from Chadian politics. The French military helped every government that came to power after independence stay in power by crushing any uprisings. Here are 10 things you didn’t about Chad’s independence day, struggle for freedom from French colonization, and what happened after it gained independence.

  • From Fragile to Failed: Troubled Countries Across Africa

    By Andrew Friedman, 3:05 am AFKI Original

    “Fragile” or “Failed” states fail to provide citizens with the most basic elements of the social contract. In an effort to measure just how troubled many of these countries are, the United States based Fund for Peace creates an annual “Fragile States Index,” (prior to 2014 it was known as the “Failed States Index”) ranking the countries are “on the brink of failure.” The 2014 edition of the Index, as have all indexes in recent memory, contains far too many countries located across the African continent.

  • Youth Of The Sub-Sahara: Amazing Opportunity Or Potential For Unrest?

    By Andrew Friedman, 3:06 am AFKI Original

    Youthful populations create tremendous opportunity across sub-Saharan Africa. As much of the developed world suffers from aging populations that leave the workforce and drain social safety nets, many African states have the world’s youngest populations. This is strengthened by the high fertility rates across the continent.

  • 80 U.S. Air Force Personnel In Chad To Hunt For Missing Girls

    By Dana Sanchez, 4:35 pm

    Eighty U.S. Air Force personnel deployed to Chad to help find nearly 300 kidnapped Nigerian
    schoolgirls have already begun their mission, ABCNews and NewsOfTheWorld report. President Barack Obama told Congress in a letter Wednesday about the deployment, saying the Air Force will help with surveillance, intelligence and reconnaissance aircraft for missions over Northern Nigeria and the nearby region.

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