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  • 2016 Was A Bad Year For Private Equity In Africa. Commodities Prices Could Turn That Around

    bad year for private equity in Africa By Staff, 12:01 am

    The fall in African private equity investment in 2016 could be a short-term blip. Among the losers was US-based Carlyle, one of the world’s winningest investment firms. Carlyle invested $147m in Nigeria’s Diamond Bank in 2014. The bank’s market cap fell by 90% over the subsequent two years. Bob Geldof’s PE firm 8 Miles just invested in Blue Skies, a British fruit firm that operates in Africa. Utilities including telecoms were the most popular target for private equity investment in 2016. West Africa was the most active region.

  • The Anglos Are Coming To Francophone Africa With An Appetite For Investment

    Anglos investing in Francophone Africa By Kurt Davis Jr., 10:13 am AFKI Original

    The Anglos have an apparently insatiable investment appetite for the region. Gabon will no longer fly under the radar after Washington, D.C.-based Carlyle Group — the world’s largest private equity fund — purchased Royal Dutch Shell’s onshore assets in Gabon for $587 million. Petroleum services, infrastructure and timber are rising on the radar for crafty investors in Gabon. Financial services and ICT too. Gabon is a stable provider of services and networks to neighboring countries. Here are six other Francophone African countries investors are looking at.

  • Taking On Wall Street’s Big 3: Carlyle Acquiring Top African Credit Ratings Agency

    Carlyle acquiring top African credit ratings agency By Dana Sanchez, 5:02 pm

    In a sign that local credit ratings are becoming more lucrative in Africa, U.S. buyout firm Carlyle agreed to become the largest shareholder in Africa’s largest rating agency. GCR rates more credits on the continent than giants Fitch, Moody’s and S&P. Growth is constrained in the present credit ratings system, said the president of the BRICS New Development Bank. The Big 3 rate over 90% of the global sovereign ratings market. GCR specializes in national-level ratings, which rely less on a country’s sovereign rating.

  • Barclays Blames Africa For Q1 Profits Down 25%. Will This Help The Bidding War?

    Barclays Blames Africa By Dana Sanchez, 3:19 pm

    At least seven investors said they’re interested in buying part of Barclays’ stake in Africa. The bank said it expects to maintain single-digit loan growth this year with the rest of its African operations expanding faster than South Africa. Revenue continued to improve and growth in the rest of Africa is well above that of South Africa. What happens to Barclays in the future could depend a lot on what the South African Reserve Bank wants, one investment manager said.

  • Is It Time To Rethink The Growing-Middle-Class Theory In African Economies?

    Soweto, South African black middle class By Dana Sanchez, 5:13 pm

    Africa’s middle class ranges from 16 million to 327 million people, depending on who’s counting. African Development Bank in 2011 counted 34% of Africans as middle class under its broad definition of anyone living on $2-$20 a day. “The ‘middle class’ theory may need a rethink,” says David Rubenstein of U.S. private equity firm Carlyle.

  • Africa’s M&A Market Pops On The Global Investors Radar

    M&A Africa By Kevin Mwanza, 9:52 am

    Africa has had a rough year with Ebola epidemic cropping up in the West, increased Islamic militant activity in Nigeria and Kenya, and new conflicts in South Sudan, Central African Republic and even little known Lesotho wasn’t spared. But among all these ‘short term’ risks global Merger and Acquisition (M&A) dealmakers are seeing opportunities in the sub-Saharan region over the long run and they are putting their money where growth is expected.

  • Dangote Joins Blackstone, Carlyle For Energy Infrastructure Investment

    billionaire Aliko Dangote By Dana Sanchez, 3:43 pm

    Africa’s wealthiest man, Aliko Dangote said doing business in Africa is getting easier as policies become friendlier to outsiders and governmental practices become more predictable. Still, the world’s two largest private-equity firms — Blackstone and Carlyle — sought Dangote as a partner based on the continent to ease the investment process, Dangote told Bloomberg in a phone interview. “They want to invest heavily,” Dangote said. “They couldn’t really find a local partner to work with.”

  • African Private Equity Firms Close In More Than $2 Bln In Jan-Sept, Eyes More In 2014

    By Kevin Mwanza, 1:57 am

    Africa focused fund managers have raised in excess of $2 billion in the first nine month of 2013, exceeding 2012 full-year amounts, and are forecasting a better 2014, BusinessDay quoted Private Equity Africa, a publication for fund managers. The report from latest data by Pregin, an alternative assets industry data source, showed that this year’s […]

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