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  • Cape Town Brings In Over $112M In 6 Years As Africa’s Best Business Tourism Destination

    Cape Town Brings In Over $112 Million In Six Years As Africa's Best Business Tourism Destination By Peter Pedroncelli, 5:53 am

    Cape Town has been named the best business tourism destination on the African continent once again, a ranking produced by the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) revealed. The Mother City is now considered the 39th best business tourism hub in the world, having improved last year’s ranking by 15 spots. In the last financial year, the city secured 33 new bids with an estimated attendance of 28,000 delegates and an estimated economic impact of around $31.7 million, while conferences over the past six years have had an estimated economic impact of more than $112 million.

  • 12 Sub-Saharan African Countries With The Highest Adult Literacy Rates

    African Countries With The Highest Adult Literacy Rates By Keren Mikva, 8:51 pm AFKI Original

    Literacy is a leading factor in evaluating a country’s development. It gives potential investors an idea of how well a country’s citizens will be able to contribute on the global stage. It’s important to recognize the progress South Africa has made to equalize education since apartheid. About 93 percent of the adult population is literate, with 20 percent of the national budget devoted to education. These are the sub-Saharan African countries with the highest literacy rates for adults.

  • 10 Best Water Parks In The World

    By Keren Mikva, 11:33 am AFKI Original

    Why risk sunburn when you can visit an entire water park without ever stepping outside? Tropical Islands, located in Krausnick, Germany, is housed inside the largest free-standing hall in the world and is home to one of the largest indoor pools in the world — 656 feet long. It is large enough to accommodate 6,000 visitors a day, and has an enormous rain forest, luxury hotel, nightclub, balloon rides, and more. Whether your thing is vertical drops that scare you senseless or meandering down the lazy river, check these out. They are among the 10 the best water parks in the world.

  • 10 Of The Most Memorable Moments Of The 2014 World Cup

    By Keren Mikva, 2:15 am

    Ghana sends $3 million in cash to Brazil.
    Ghana’s players, along with the players of several other African teams, threatened to strike before their group match against Portugal if they weren’t paid up front, in cash, beforehand. The Ghanaian government acquiesced, sending $3 million in cash on a plane to Brazil to appease the players. During the conflict, however, two of Ghana’s best players, Kevin-Prince Boateng and Sulley Muntari, were sent home due to clashes with team officials. From the shocking upsets and thrilling goals to the electric atmosphere in Brazil – 2014 left fans with memories to last us until 2018. Here are 10 of the most memorable moments of the tournament. Feel free to add your favorite moments in the comments!

  • 10 Best Moments Of African Teams In The FIFA World Cup

    By Kevin Mwanza, 7:39 am

    Held in South Africa, the 2010 World Cup was an important moment for African football, made even bigger when South African winger, Siphiwe Tshabalala, scored the first goal of the tournament. Though South Africa would not proceed past the group stage, for at least a few moments, the 2010 World Cup was truly a South African event. The sound of vuvuzelas could be heard around the world.

  • 10 Best African Women Football Players

    By Kevin Mwanza, 3:12 pm

    Genoveva Añonma is one of Equatorial Guinea’s best players, and one of the most recognized female stars in the CAF. Named African Women Footballer of the Year in 2012, she plays for a German football club when not representing her home country internationally.

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