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  • Tapping Into Local Tradition: How AB InBev Hopes To Crack Africa’s Home-Brew Market

    InBev hopes to crack Africa's home-brew market By Reuters, 1:00 am

    Africa’s informal alcohol market is about four times bigger than its $11 billion commercial market, analysts say. Home brews have a strong tradition rooted in centuries-old African rituals. AB InBev needs to develop products affordable enough to tap the informal beer and alcohol markets, says InBev’s new Africa head. AB Inbev’s big rivals in Africa – Heineken and Diageo – have also launched lower-priced drinks made with local ingredients that are affordable for more people.

  • Coca-Cola Pays $3.15B To Buy Out AB InBev From Their African Bottling Joint Venture

    African bottling joint venture By Dana Sanchez, 12:45 pm

    Coca-Cola and AB InBev are the world’s largest makers of soft drinks and beer, respectively. Africa is important for Coke because soft drink consumption continues to grow on the continent. Coke has not said why it decided to buy back the stake, but it might be in its best interest to avoid partnering with AB InBev, which has no experience in Africa. With little room left for AB InBev to grow meaningfully in beer, bankers speculate the deal-hungry mega brewer may eventually move into soft drinks. That could put Coke at the top of its list.

  • Drink More Please: Changing Demographics Of African Alcohol Consumers

    changing demographics of African alcohol By Kurt Davis Jr., 1:07 pm AFKI Original

    After-work teas are becoming after-work beers and glasses of wine in Africa. As incomes grow in sub-Saharan Africa, consumers are demanding better quality wine and spirits – both imported and locally made. “Drink more please” — it’s not the best parenting line but it is the thinking of many top executives at wine and spirit companies. Sub-Saharan Africans drink 10-to-11 liters of beer per person per year. Comparatively, Asians drink about 19-to-20 liters and Americans drink about 73-to-74. Only South Africans drink more than the global average — around 46 liters.

  • South Africa’s Best Beer, Wine & Whisky Festivals

    whisky festivals By Kate Els, 7:00 am

    While you may not travel all the way to South Africa just to attend one of these festivals, any of them would be a great add-on to a trip. After all, who would turn down a chance to imbibe in a little tipple while soaking up some authentic South African culture? This selection of booze-based festivals are mostly located in the Western Cape and its Winelands. However, don’t discount the Johannesburg-based festivals or even the one in rural Clarens — it’s totally worth the drive!

  • Ethiopia And Nigeria Drive Beer Consumption As Heineken Competes With Traditional Homebrews

    By Dana Sanchez, 5:34 pm

    First quarter results from the world’s third largest brewery, Heineken, show Nigerians are consuming more beer than a year ago despite hard times — or because of them. Results for Guinness, Nigeria’s No. 2 brewer, tell a different story. Guinness Nigeria’s stock is down 42 percent since the beginning of 2015. Heineken the No. 1 beer maker, saw its stock fall 36 percent in the same period. Consumers are turning from traditional home brews to competing products made by multinationals.

  • Sipping Pretty: 10 Super-Scenic Microbreweries In South Africa

    microbreweries in South Africa By Lucy Corne, 8:00 pm

    Craft beer is big in South Africa. In the past three years, the number of breweries has tripled, with close to 120 found across eight of the country’s nine provinces. Microbreweries are popping up on farms and small town high streets, nestled among mountain-tops and dotted along the coast from Cape Town to Zululand. Here are 10 particularly pretty places to stop for a pint.

  • Where To Drink Craft Beer In Gauteng

    craft beer By Karen Elowitt, 6:03 am

    If you’re a craft beer aficionado, you’ll go to great lengths to get your fix. Luckily in Gauteng, you don’t have to search too hard for a quality micro-brew. These seven places have each made their mark in the South African beer world, both for their brews and ambiance. Just leave the driving to someone else if you do stop by.

  • Diageo Makes $208M Offer For A Bigger Stake In Guinness Nigeria

    By Kevin Mwanza, 2:12 pm

    Diageo, the maker of Guinness beer and Johnnie Walker whisky, offered about $208 million to buy more stake in Guinness Nigeria, a listed firm that houses Diageo’s brands in the populous west African nation. Diageo already hold a 54.3 percent stake in Nigerian company, but wants to increased its shareholding to 70 percent.

  • 17 Top Alcohol-Drinking Countries In Africa

    By Keren Mikva, 1:40 pm AFKI Original

    Ahead of the pack by a long shot — but not No. 1 in Africa — is Uganda, with 11.93 liters of alcohol consumed per person each year. Just 4 percent of consumption is beer and 2 percent is wine, while the “other” category is a resounding winner at 94 percent of consumption. The generic term for domestically distilled beverages in Uganda is waragi. Here are the 17 top alcohol-drinking countries in Africa.

  • Rooibos Wood Good For Western Cape’s Winery Business

    By Makula Dunbar, 1:03 pm

    Wineries and breweries across South Africa’s Western Cape are infusing products with rooibos wood, a plant that alters flavors, but also prolongs shelf life. According to CCTV Africa, instead of fermenting the wine in oak barrels, the new technique calls for boiling the indigenous wood in a copper fermentation tank. Using rooibos

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