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  • Low Asset Prices Present Investment Opportunities In Lusophone Africa

    investment opportunities in Lusophone Africa By Kurt Davis Jr., 2:33 pm AFKI Original

    Investors are strategically betting on the upside in Francophone Africa due to strong economic growth rates and a stable CFA franc. Lusophone Africa also presents opportunity. Low assets prices have replaced the exorbitant numbers of the oil-and-gas heyday, particularly in Angola and Mozambique. Debt restructuring can restore some confidence in Mozambique’s economic system. Private investors are finding a government more willing to deal on better terms, and companies that are pricing assets at fairly digestible prices.

  • Why The Bad News Of 2016 Spells Opportunity For Investors In Africa 2017

    opportunity for investors in Africa By Kurt Davis Jr., 3:21 pm AFKI Original

    Fund managers have struggled in 2016 to raise capital for sub-Saharan Africa-focused natural resource funds. Here’s where having a $1 billion sub-Saharan Africa natural resources fund really helps. In 2017, expect more assets on the market at more reasonable prices. The focus will be on capital management. Expect a buyer’s market. Low M&A value will persist but expect a recovery in volume of deals. Transaction structures will become more complicated. Expect contingencies as buyers and sellers attempt to manage exposure to commodity price volatility.

  • U.S. Mining Company Sells African Copper Mine To China For $2.7B

    U.S. mining company sells African copper mine By Staff, 6:55 am

    The sale of the Tenke Fungurume mine in the DRC will be seen as one of the mining industry’s biggest forced sales after a steep commodity downturn that has pushed several companies to take drastic action to shore up their balance sheets. It is the second large acquisition within two weeks by China Molybdenum, a Chinese natural resources group that said this month it wanted to expand its global presence.

  • Why The SA Rand And The SA Economy Are Out Of Sync

    By Staff, 12:01 am

    The size of an economy has no role in the tradeability of its currency. Recent volatility in South African politics can’t be blamed on the fact that the rand punches above its weight in the foreign exchange market. There are a number of countries with big economies whose currencies are traded very little. This is because they don’t have a well-developed financial market. South Africa’s BRICS partners Brazil and India have much bigger economies than South Africa, but their foreign exchange markets are smaller.

  • Panama Papers: What’s A Shell Company And Why Is Dangote Now Linked To 13 Of Them?

    By Staff, 12:02 am

    Shell companies have no active business and usually exist as vehicles for another company’s business operations. They employ no one and produce nothing. They’re often used to shield the identities of their owners and to hide money. Owners create shell companies to hide assets such as private jets so they don’t have to pay taxes, to raise funds, or as a front for an illegal business. It’s not clear why Dangote and his allies set up secret companies. Shell companies are not illegal. Not all owners use them to dodge taxes or hide assets.

  • 8 Of The Richest Nigerian Banks By Assets

    By Julia Austin, 9:00 am AFKI Original

    Lagos, Nigeria, was identified in 2014 as one of the new finance hubs of the future. Just a year later, U.S. financial services company JP Morgan announced it would be removing Nigeria from its Emerging Market Government Bond Index due to a “lack of liquidity and transparency in the nation’s foreign exchange markets.” Those are two drastically differing opinions on Nigeria’s economy, but you can’t argue with the facts. Here are 8 of the richest Nigerian banks by assets.

  • Why U.S. Investor Michael Milken Is Bullish On Sub-Saharan Africa

    By Dana Sanchez, 3:26 pm

    Milken speaks highly of immigrants; 50 percent of the scientists and engineers in Silicon Valley are first-generation immigrants, he told a crowd of 600-plus at the Tiger 21 conference. Members of the North American Tiger 21 network are high-net-worth investors who collectively manage $35 billion in investable assets. Miliken has done a lot to restore his image since being banned for life from the securities industry. He has an institute named for him and he’s full of optimism for Africa.

  • 8 Of The Richest Banks In Africa Based On Assets

    By Julia Austin, 7:19 am

    Banks in Africa see some of the highest returns in the world. Barclays was one of the few western banks to blaze a trail into sub-Saharan Africa. Now it may be preparing to pull out. Some analysts say that doesn’t make sense — with $97.241 billion in assets, Barclay’s Africa is No. 2 on this list. Take a look at 8 of the richest banks in Africa based on assets for 2015.

  • South Africa’s Public Investment Corporation Focusing On Private Equity

    Public Investment Corporation By Dana Sanchez, 8:09 pm

    Although the largest slice of assets under management are listed investments, the corporation is increasingly focusing investment on unlisted developmental investments and private equity. PIC plans to accelerate investments in the rest of Africa and other frontier markets as well as in BRICS countries.

  • IPO Likely For Some Platinum Mines. Anglo Says

    By Staff, 4:57 pm

    London- and Johannesburg-listed Anglo American is looking to divest some of its costliest platinum mines in South Africa and may list them in an IPO. The Anglo CEO said a listing was the most likely route to divesting those assets. Several Anglo assets were at the epicenter of last year’s five-month strike.

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