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Airports: Latest News

  • Air Seychelles Introduces State-Of-The-Art Technology To Speed Up Passenger Processing

    Air Seychelles By Staff, 9:28 am

    Air Seychelles will be introducing SITA’s state-of-the-art passenger processing systems at Seychelles International Airport, providing greater flexibility for international airlines operating from the airport by allowing them to share common-use terminal equipment for check-in and boarding. The airline–which provides ground-handling services to airlines operating from Seychelles International Airport–is upgrading its technology to ensure a smooth travel experience every step of the way.

  • Researchers Call For DNA Samples At Airports To Determine Scope Of African Bushmeat Market

    African bushmeat market By Mongabay, 12:37 pm

    An 8-pound monkey can cost $105 in Paris compared to $5.37 in Cameroon. In Europe’s biggest cities, demand for exotic delicacies or a “taste of home” drives a trade in African bushmeat that is as yet unquantified. African traffickers can get high prices for increasingly rare African species. The influx of bushmeat is small compared to the greater crisis in Africa. “Africa is eating its forests and we are looking at empty forest syndrome,” a stakeholder said. As African species get rarer and fetch a higher price abroad, Europe and the U.S. could become bigger bushmeat markets.

  • South Africa Has 3 Solar-Powered Airports, 3 More On The way

    solar-powered airports By Dana Sanchez, 9:52 am

    South Africa is pioneering renewable energy in tourism. Solar power-run airports are planned in Port Elizabeth, East London and Bloemfontein. In an effort to step off the grid, South African attractions will be converting to solar power. Installing renewable energy has environmental and cost benefits and it’s in line with South Africa’s Tourism Incentive Program.

  • 15 Most Powerful Militaries In Africa

    By Dana Sanchez, 4:05 pm AFKI Original

    You can’t judge their military strength by the size of their defense budgets or how many airports they have. South Africa has more airports than any other African country. Algeria has a $10.57 billion military budget. They made this list but they aren’t No. 1. These are the 15 biggest, baddest ,most powerful militaries In Africa 2015.

  • Is Djibouti Becoming The Dubai Of Africa?

    Captial city of Djibouti Photo: southtravels.com By Staff, 10:08 pm

    Soon a Chinese-built railway will link Djibouti to the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, and could eventually connect to other Chinese-built railways emerging across the African continent. Dreams of a Dubai-type future have questionable relevance for most local Djiboutians, 42 percent of whom live in extreme poverty, while 48 percent of the labor force is unemployed. One foreign diplomat referred to Djibouti as “an oasis in a bad neighborhood.”

  • Grounded? Low Turnout, Business At Nigeria’s Airports

    By Ann Brown, 6:00 pm

    Business is low at Nigeria’s airports

  • Kenya Hopes to Spur Investment as LAPSSET Project Unfolds

    By Isaac Mwangi, 10:39 am

    The $29 billion Lamu Port and New Transport Corridor to Southern Sudan & Ethiopia (LAPSSET) project – Kenya’s biggest ever socio-economic venture since independence – is now taking shape and is expected to greatly increase international business opportunities. The head of corporate affairs at the Kenya Ports Authority, Bernard Osero, told AFKInsider that Lamu port will have 32 berths, with a dredged entrance channel of 18 meters to enable it to accommodate ships of up to 100,000 tons. “The cost for the short-term plan for Lamu Port Project, including the first three berths, is estimated to be $664 million,” he said.

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