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agricultural investments: Latest News

  • Tunisia Looks For Foreign Investment In Organics

    Agricultural Investments By Staff, 9:09 am

    The role of Tunisia’s Agricultural Investments Promotion Agency, to promote investment in Tunisian agriculture. Neighboring Libya’s descent into unruly chaos has resulted in a marked decline in overall exports from Tunisia. Exports fell by 25 per cent during the 2016/17 season compared with the year before. “We aim to drive foreign direct investment into the sector,” confirms Rachid Belanes of APIA, “as well as into technology and trade. In Tunisia, we produce a wide variety of produce.”

  • Ethiopia Suspends Giving Land For Agricultural Investments

    By Staff, 5:41 am

    Ethiopian Agriculture Investment and Land Administration Agency (EAILAA) suspended giving land for large scale agricultural investments. The suspension is for unspecified time, Fana Broadcasting Corporate reported. According to Daniel Zenebe, Public Relations Director at EAILAA, the suspension came following the overlapping in granting of land, loan extension and investors capabilities and profiles. He furthered, last year 43 plots of land were given overlapping.

  • South Africa’s Land Claims Could Hurt Agricultural Investment

    By Kevin Mwanza, 4:28 am

    It is becoming a matter of great public concern that agricultural investment is potentially set to suffer once more, as the land claims issue in South Africa rears its ugly head again. Before 1998, a total of 79,000 land claims were filed and more than 8,000 land claims have not been addressed, while the remainder have not been finalized.

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