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  • South Africa And Russia Sign Cybersecurity Cooperation Agreement

    cybersecurity cooperation agreement By Peter Pedroncelli, 5:50 am

    South Africa and Russia have reportedly signed a cybersecurity cooperation agreement that will see the two BRICS nations working closer together in an effort to strengthen their defenses against cyber threats. The deal was officially signed at the BRICS summit in Xiamen, with high level diplomats from both countries, Sergey Lavrov of Russia and Maite Nkoana-Mashsbane of South Africa, putting pen to paper on the agreement.

  • Does Egypt Need Israel To Help Negotiate Nile Water Allocation From Ethiopian Dam?

    By Dana Sanchez, 3:48 pm

    After Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu returned to Israel from a four-country trip to Africa, he got a visit from the Egyptian foreign minister. Those familiar with Israeli-Egyptian diplomatic relationships know how rare this visit was, Israel Today reported. Netanyahu visited Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Ethiopia, and they recognized that Israel is a power to be reckoned with, not just militarily. African countries are fascinated with Israeli ingenuity. Tension is high between Egypt and Ethiopia.

  • South Africa, U.S. Agree To Get Past U.S. Poultry Exports Impasse. Again.

    By Dana Sanchez, 12:29 pm

    South Africa and the U.S. have agreed to get past the U.S. poultry exports impasse. Again. South Africa’s duty-free status in the U.S. is at risk if it fails to lift barriers to U.S. trade, according to the renewal terms of the African Growth and Opportunity Act. Under the agreement, the U.S. will become one of the top poultry exporters to South Africa.

  • Opinion: Nuclear Is Technology Of The Past, Not The Future

    A Chernobyl radiation warning sign hangs outside a café. Photo: Wiki/VOA public domain By Dana Sanchez, 12:38 pm

    Mired in an energy crisis, South Africa signed a controversial agreement with Russia in September to talk about building 9,600-megawatts of new nuclear energy. Nuclear “is a dying industry and there are just too many unanswered questions for South Africa to go down this path,” said a Russian environmental activist visiting SA to talk about the deal. The country should look instead to renewable energy, he said.

  • Does Peace In South Sudan Rest On Unification Of Leaders, Gov’t?

    By Makula Dunbar, 4:42 pm

    Senior officials from South Sudan’s rebel diplomatic mission to Uganda have praised a recent agreement brokered by regional leaders between the country’s warring parties as an important step towards restoring peace. In an interview with Sudan Tribune on Monday, Otim David, who heads the rebel diplomatic mission in Kampala, said the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD)

  • Namibia, Angola To Bolster Trade Through Currency Conversion Deal

    By Makula Dunbar, 6:30 pm

    The governor of the National Reserve Bank of Angola (BNA), José de Lima Massano, and of the Central Bank of the Republic of Namibia, Hipunbo Shimy, signed, Monday, in Santa Clara, southern Cunene province, a bilateral agreement on currency conversion, in order to facilitate and give greater security to trade between both countries.

  • Burkina Faso, Singapore Enter Investment Agreement

    By Makula Dunbar, 6:12 pm

    Burkina Faso is keen on giving a boost to its economic relations with Singapore, through a mutual investment promotion and protection agreement (APPI) and a memorandum of understanding between the two countries, APA learns from the Economy and Finance Ministry. Before the end of 2015, Burkina Faso will be receiving commercial missions of Singaporean investors in the fields of agribusiness, water treatment, ICT, air transport and energy.

  • 10 Countries That Were Never Colonized

    By Keren Mikva, 12:47 pm AFKI Original

    The majority of nations deal with colonial legacies, but a few managed to escape colonial rule altogether. Apart from a five-year period when Ethiopia fell to Mussolini’s New Roman Empire, it has maintained its autonomy throughout history. The Italians were ejected by the British in 1941, and Ethiopia regained its full independent status in 1944, but had existed independently way before then. Even during the Italian occupation from 1936 to 1941, Mussolini’s troops were under constant attack from Ethiopian guerrilla troops and Italy never maintained full order in the country. Here are 10 countries that were never colonized.

  • Gambia, Turkey Confirm Security Cooperation Agreement

    By Makula Dunbar, 1:38 pm

    Gambian lawmakers Thursday unanimously ratified a ‘Security Cooperation Agreement between the government of the Republics of The Gambia and Turkey’ during the first session of the 2014 Legislative Year. The agreement, among other things, seeks to prevent, suppress, and conduct investigation into crime, such as money laundering, cyber-crimes, smuggling of cultural and natural properties

  • Namibia, Botswana Look to Establish Coal-Export Line

    By Makula Dunbar, 5:50 pm

    Botswana and Namibia will sign a deal at the end of this month to develop a 1,500-kilometer (932-mile) railway for transporting coal exports to the port of Walvis Bay, according to the Botswana Chamber of Mines. “Technical glitches” delaying the Trans-Kalahari project have been resolved, Charles Siwawa, chief executive officer of the chamber, said in a phone interview February 10.

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