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AFRICOM: Latest News

  • Opinion: Targeting Ivory Poachers With Drone Strikes Could Salvage Obama’s African Legacy

    wildlife By Staff, 1:01 am

    Obama should instruct the U.S. State Department to designate ivory poachers for what they are: Terrorist financiers and facilitators of ISIS- and al-Qaeda-affiliated groups in sub-Saharan Africa. Make the life expectancy of poachers so short that no one will risk taking the job. And that requires a few well-placed military drone strikes on poaching camps from any number of our established drone bases in Djibouti, Niger, Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan, Burkina Faso or the Seychelles.

  • Why It’s A Goldmine For Private Military And Security Contractors In Africa

    security contractors in Africa By Staff, 12:02 am

    One aspect of U.S. military operations in Africa that remains vastly under-covered and unappreciated is the role of private military and security contractors. Private military and security contractors are the U.S. military’s American Express card. It dare not deploy overseas without them. This is nowhere truer than in Africa. It is fitting that modern private military and security contractors should be operating in Africa. After all, Africa gave rise to much of the industry. The pioneer in the field was the South Africa-based Executive Outcomes, which shut down in 1998.

  • For U.S. Soldiers Based In Djibouti, Africa Is A ‘Leadership Lab’

    U.S. soldiers based in Djibouti By Dana Sanchez, 9:50 pm

    For ambitious young U.S. soldiers seeking leadership, a deployment in Africa is hard to beat. And that means being based in Djibouti. Djibouti’s status as a stable country in an otherwise volatile region is an asset worth millions of dollars in rent. Djibouti enjoys a lucrative role as a landlord. The U.S. pays $63 million a year to rent its base at Camp Lemonnier. China is building a base 8 miles away, and will be paying $100 million for theirs.

  • Obama’s US-Africa Legacy: Elumelu Wants More Obama-Style Trade In Next US Administration

    Obama's US-Africa Legacy By Dana Sanchez, 12:12 pm

    This week, Nigerian entrepreneur Tony Elumelu and other U.S. and African political and business leaders will discuss how to strengthen economic ties between Africa and the U.S. The U.S.-Africa Business Forum is one of Obama’s legacies. Funding from USAID for democracy assistance to Africa declined an estimated 40% since 2009. “We are moving beyond the simple provision of assistance, foreign aid, to a new model of partnership between America and Africa,” Obama said.

  • U.S.-Senegal Defense Deal Is All About Access, U.S. Says

    U.S.-Senegal defense deal By Dana Sanchez, 1:18 pm

    The deal will help Senegal and the U.S. “face common security challenges in the region,” Senegal said. Al Qaeda has Senegal in its sights due to its close ties with France, which has 3,500 soldiers fighting with regional armies against Islamist militants in West Africa. The agreement upgrades an existing 2001 agreement providing U.S. forces access to certain facilities in Senegal and enabling U.S. forces to make improvements while there.

  • ISIS, U.S. Military Presence Growing In Africa

    U.S. Military Presence Growing In Africa By Dana Sanchez, 3:43 pm

    Islamic State’s presence is growing rapidly in West, East and North Africa. There’s also been an exponential increase in U.S. military operations in Africa, including “a proliferation of drone bases now that dot the African continent,” says an expert. The U.S. has seen the spread of Islamic terror across Africa as, “in many ways, a growth area for special ops and for U.S. military missions writ large.”

  • Why Is The US Africa Military Command Located In Germany?

    By Staff, 9:31 am

    AFRICOM headquarters is in Germany, where 1,500 personnel command and coordinate a much larger force of American troops and civilians operating in dozens of African countries. AFRICOM has been unable to establish its headquarters anywhere in Africa and has been in a temporary headquarters in Germany until someplace in Africa was found.

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