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  • Here Are South Africa’s Top 10 Technology Brands On Social Media

    social media By Staff, 9:57 am

    The Africa Brand Index has developed an algorithm which creates a list of the most successful brands on social media on the African continent, this list is in turn updated on a monthly basis. The algorithm takes into account key metrics such as community growth, content engagement, sentiment and response. This list takes into account African tech on social media. Mustek Limited is one of the largest assembler and distributors of personal computers and complementary ICT products in South Africa.

  • 12 Local Nigerian Websites That Get The Most Visitors

    By Julia Austin, 10:00 am AFKI Original

    Konga.com claims to be Nigeria’s largest online mall. The site for buyers and sellers offers an easy platform for Nigerian businesses to get their products online. Alexa.com ranks Konga No. 9 in Nigeria. The number of Nigerian websites is growing. The most visited ones range from entertaining to serious. Most telling are the ones that allow Nigerians to order goods and services online with free delivery. Here’s a look at 12 local Nigerian websites that get the most visitors

  • How The Internet Is Helping Stop Misinformation About Africa

    By Ann Brown, 11:00 am

    From The Guardian What do these statements about Africa have in common? A white farmer is killed every five days in South Africa. Earlier this year Nigerian Islamists Boko Haram burnt 375 Christians alive. The Democratic Republic of Congo is the rape capital of the world. Johannesburg is the world’s biggest man-made forest. Answer: despite […]

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