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African transportation: Latest News

  • Air Seychelles Introduces State-Of-The-Art Technology To Speed Up Passenger Processing

    Air Seychelles By Staff, 9:28 am

    Air Seychelles will be introducing SITA’s state-of-the-art passenger processing systems at Seychelles International Airport, providing greater flexibility for international airlines operating from the airport by allowing them to share common-use terminal equipment for check-in and boarding. The airline–which provides ground-handling services to airlines operating from Seychelles International Airport–is upgrading its technology to ensure a smooth travel experience every step of the way.

  • Cape Verde Government Reveals Restructuring And Privatization Plan For National Airline

    privatization plan By Staff, 6:51 am

    Cape Verde outlined the accelerated restructuring and privatization plan for TACV, approved by the Council of Ministers, as follows: One ATR aircraft will cease to operate on August 1st and TACV’s domestic services will be discontinued; Binter Cabo Verde will take over inter-island services and will seek to strengthen inter-island connections, with the aim to provide regular services to all airports. The carrier will also seek intermodal transport connections to islands without airports.

  • Opinion: If Africans Don’t Exploit Opportunities In African Logistics, Foreigners Will

    Africans Don't Exploit Opportunities In African Logistics By Dana Sanchez, 11:55 am

    Absence of good roads makes transport and logistics expensive in Africa. Transport costs average 14% of the value of exports compared to 8.6% in all developing countries, and can be as high as 50% in landlocked countries. Africa probably isn’t the best destination for companies looking for fast returns in logistics and transportation, but for businesses with a long view, it holds huge potential, a stakeholder said. If Africans don’t identify these opportunities and take advantage of them, foreigners will.

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