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African space race: Latest News

  • Africa’s Space Technology Moves Ahead

    Space technology By Staff, 7:45 am

    African space programs are nothing new. In 1964 Edward Mukuka Nkoloso, self-appointed director of Zambia’s national space program, wanted to beat the USA and the Soviet Union in the space race, and landing a Zambian on the Moon. Using unconventional techniques, such as spinning students around a tree in an oil drum, Nkoloso trained 12 astronauts. He was unsuccessful. Fortunately Africa’s space programs now look much more promising. In the last decade the continent has entered a space race.

  • Will Nigeria Beat South Africa In The Race To Space?

    By Dana Sanchez, 8:25 pm

    Several African countries have their sights set on space and want to tap in and harness the potential of space technology. Nigeria has launched five satellites since 2003 — some still useful and in orbit. Ghana and Kenya launched space exploration initiatives in 2012. South Africa is spearheading space technology with the Square Kilometer Array, a $2 billion radio telescope said to be the world’s largest. Nigeria wants to launch the first-ever manned mission into outer space by an African country as early as 2030.

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