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African space program: Latest News

  • Africa’s Space Technology Moves Ahead

    Space technology By Staff, 7:45 am

    African space programs are nothing new. In 1964 Edward Mukuka Nkoloso, self-appointed director of Zambia’s national space program, wanted to beat the USA and the Soviet Union in the space race, and landing a Zambian on the Moon. Using unconventional techniques, such as spinning students around a tree in an oil drum, Nkoloso trained 12 astronauts. He was unsuccessful. Fortunately Africa’s space programs now look much more promising. In the last decade the continent has entered a space race.

  • Opinion: Rocket Science Could Be Just What Africa Needs To Develop

    By Staff, 5:28 am

    The African Union wants to prove that space science is no longer preserved for high-income countries. In 2014, India became the first country to put a spacecraft into the Martian orbit on the first attempt. African science and education ministers adopted the continent’s first space policy in October, due to be ratified by heads of state at the A.U. Summit later this month. African ministers hope this strategy will prove as successful as India’s space commitment:

  • Africa’s Mission To The Moon Lacking Much-Needed Funding

    By Staff, 6:00 pm

    From Daily Mail An ambitious project to put an African spacecraft on the Moon is sputtering on the launchpad as it struggles to secure funding. The Africa2Moon Mission has drawn just £8,600 ($13,000) of the initial target of £99,000 ($150,000) with a countdown of only three weeks left before the appeal closes. In contrast, a […]

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