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  • 10 Delicious African Dips (There’s Much More Than Hummus)

    By Julia Austin, 9:41 am AFKI Original

    African cuisine is full of totally snack-worthy dips that tend to be lighter than the mayonnaise-based American ones. This is not what you’d expect from a peanut butter dip. With dry prawns, some rare pepper, nutmeg and chili pepper, this is a nutty, spicy, sweet bowl of delight with a smooth but slightly crunchy texture. Try it with cool and crisp jicama. Here are 10 delicious African dips.

  • 10 Zambian Comfort Food Recipes

    By Julia Austin, 10:58 am AFKI Original

    Anything involving corn meal from Zambia is going to be delicious, because that’s their specialty. This polenta pie is similar to a pot pie, but with a cornmeal crust. Zambians often make it with meat or lentils. Find the full recipe here.

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