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African migrants: Latest News

  • Despite Inequality In South Africa, African Migrants Go There More Than To Europe

    African migrants By Dana Sanchez, 12:29 pm

    Despite reports of inequality and xenophobia, South Africa’s relative wealth and stability continue to draw migrants from all over Africa. South Africa has the highest number of pending asylum claims in the world — more than 1 million. African refugees heading to Europe get disproportionate media coverage. A far greater number would rather seek security and livelihood elsewhere in Africa. Of the world’s 17 million displaced Africans, only about 3 percent are in Europe. The vast majority are in Africa.

  • Popular With Migrants: Spotlight On South Africa’s Hello Group

    Hello Group By Dana Sanchez, 12:55 pm

    There are an estimated 3.5M migrant workers in South Africa. Hello Group offers cheap international phone rates via mobile. It handles all its own sales, marketing and distribution in multiple local languages via 45,000 registered street vendors and 13,000 spaza shops. International money transfer will be a game changer for the company, its founder said. “There’s been a big revolution at the high end of the pyramid…Our goal is to bring fintech to the base of the pyramid.”

  • Do African Migrants Threaten EU Social Infrastructure? The Rhetoric Plays On Fear

    Eritrean migrants Calais Eurotunnel By Dana Sanchez, 1:13 pm

    Britain’s Conservative government is under pressure to show it is acting to solve “the Calais crisis” with hundreds of migrants trying every night to jump fences around the entrance to the Channel Tunnel in France. The increasing political rhetoric plays on people’s fears that they might have to share. “There is no way back from a multicultural Europe,” said Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

  • Drowned Migrants Remembered In African Union Memorial

    By Dana Sanchez, 4:49 pm

    Diplomats, religious leaders and former migrants gathered for a memorial service at the African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa for the thousands of migrants who died trying to cross the Mediterranean. The A.U. has been criticized for failing to respond to the recent surge in the number of migrants attempting the crossing. For many, the promise of a better life is too much to resist, BBC reports.

  • Opinion: Can African Migrant Drownings In The Mediterranean Be Stopped?

    By Dana Sanchez, 4:22 pm

    The African migrants who cross the Mediterranean are victims of human trafficking and the money they pay is helping to fund terrorist networks, according to German parliamentarian Charles Huber. Emergency assistance on humanitarian grounds is the right thing to do but it’s a short-term solution. “In fact, the more people we take in, the more they’re going to send us.”

  • Libyan Coastguard Fears 170 Migrants Lost At Sea

    By Ann Brown, 6:00 pm

    From Business Standard A Libyan coastguard official said a boat carrying 170 illegal migrants from sub-Saharan Africa was feared lost at sea off the capital Tripoli. “We are looking for 170 African passengers on a wooden boat that has foundered off the Guarakouzi area” some 60 kilometres (35 miles) east of Tripoli, coastguard official Abdellatif […]

  • 19 African Migrants Suffocate On Boat To Italy

    By Dana Sanchez, 5:09 pm

    The migrants died inhaling fumes from an old engine while they were confined below deck.
    Rescuers found 18 people in a tangle of bodies. Another person died during evacuation. Italy is struggling to cope with the rising flow of migrants to its shores, many making the dangerous crossing from Africa on crowded and vessels that are not seaworthy, according to BBC. European Union border agency Frontex says almost 60,000 migrants have landed in Southern Italy this year. Not all survive the trip.

  • African Migrants Protest Israeli Mistreatment

    By Kevin Mwanza, 9:00 am

    About 1,000 African migrants protesting Israel’s policy on asylum-seekers marched out of an open detention centre and camped out near the southern border with Egypt. Mainly composed of Eritrean and Sudanese migrants left the Holot camp facility because Israel had not processed their claims for asylum, Middle East Eye reported. The sit-in came a day after Israeli soldiers stopped the demonstrators from crossing the border.

  • 62 African Migrants, Crew Drown In Worst Sinking This Year

    By Dana Sanchez, 2:52 pm

    Sixty migrants from Somalia and Ethiopia seeking a way out of war and poverty drowned off Yemen’s coast in what the U.N.’s refugee agency described as the worst sinking incident in the region this year. Thousands of Africans make the journey each year to Yemen in crowded boats. Hundreds die along the way. Over the past five years, more than half a million people, mainly Somalis, Ethiopians and Eritreans,attempted to cross. The U.N. is asking governments in the region to strengthen search-and-rescue and help people desperately needing protection.

  • Italian Navy Intercepted 3,000 African Migrants In One Day

    By Dana Sanchez, 11:08 am

    The Italian Navy says it intercepted 3,000 African sea migrants early Saturday and transported them to Sicily, WorldBreakingNews reports. Hundreds of migrants arrive in Italy every day, mostly from Eritrea, Somali and Syria, according to the report.

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