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African innovation: Latest News

  • South African Government Releases Annual Science Technology And Innovation Report

    Science Technology and Innovation By Staff, 8:11 am

    The National Advisory Council on Innovation (NACI), has released the 2016 Science Technology and Innovation (STI) Indicators Report which provides data about the performance of the country’s system of innovation. The report is released annually. The 2016 STI indicators report is based on the analysis of the National System of Innovation performance during the period between 1996 and 2016. The STI Indicators report is released annually by NACI an entity of the Department of Science and Technology

  • Benin, Liberia Lead Africa In Ranking At First Global Robotics Competition

    robotics competition By Staff, 10:08 am

    Benin and Liberia were ranked highest among the 40 African countries that participated in the FIRST Global Challenge robotics competition held in Washington, DC. The six-round maiden international robotics event saw 163 national teams including 6 continental teams made up of students from around the world competing with the common goal of increasing their knowledge of STEM. At the end of the event, Benin ranked 7, followed by Liberia which ranked 12 out of the 163 participating countries.

  • Looking At Where Technology Stands In Moroccan Exports

    Moroccan Exports By Staff, 8:08 am

    Technological development is being seen as a key factor in improving a country’s productivity, competitiveness, and growth. Since the 1980s, the increase in technological innovations, along with the influx of new entrants into world markets, has exacerbated competition between economies. Morocco has embarked on a process of structural transformation in order to support its technological competitiveness, implementing sectoral policies, and promoting of internationally oriented professions.

  • Zimbabwe’s $25M ICT Innovation Fund Moves Forward

    ICT Innovation Fund By Staff, 7:12 am

    Zimbabwe just announced that it has opened for applications to the ICT Innovation Drive fund. This fund, totaling $25 million, was announced last year by the Ministry of ICT, Postal and Courier Services. The minister, Supa Mandiwanzira, said that the Zimbabwean government is committed to the development of local platforms and apps through investment financed by local operators. All licensed telecoms operators pay 1.5 percent of their revenue to what is called the Universal Service Fund.

  • Importing African Innovation To Silicon Valley: 5 DEMO Africa Startups Compete On Their Own Terms

    African Tech Start-Ups By Dana Sanchez, 11:27 am

    Five winning African tech startups are in Silicon Valley competing with others from around the world and hopefully attracting venture capital. A lot of them are self-taught and lack formal training in venture creation and digital entrepreneurship, an event manager said. “They have built companies on binary codes and learned new skills through the mobile internet. If a Silicon Valley technology event is live streamed across the world, there are African entrepreneurs huddled somewhere, watching it and consuming every panel, consuming every fireside chat, taking notes, and then applying those notes to their local context.”

  • South African Teen Innovator Wins $50,000 At Google Science Fair

    By Kevin Mwanza, 8:29 am

    Kiara Nirghin, a 16-year old South African schoolgirl, won the Google Science Fair’s Community Impact Award innovation prize, for her discovery that is set to help increase the soil’s ability to retain water. Nirghin, who won $50,000 in scholarship for the innovation undertook three experiments in 45 days to discover an orange peel and avocado skin mixture that is likely to replace the expensive and non-biodegradable super-absorbent polymers (SAPs).

  • 8 African Scientists You Should Watch

    By Julia Austin, 1:21 pm AFKI Original

    Mouhamed Moustapha Fall is a Senegalese mathematician who focuses on agricultural and food production issues, especially overfishing. He created a mathematical application that helps calculate a sustainable rate at which fishermen in Senegal can fish local waters without affecting future fish populations. Training and retaining top African scientists is a challenge, but there’s optimism on the continent and in the international community. Here are 8 African scientists you should watch.

  • Made In Africa: 8 African Car Manufacturers

    By Julia Austin, 3:01 pm AFKI Original

    Kiira Motors was the first to offer a hybrid electronic vehicle in East Africa in 2014. They’re still working on the commercial release of the car, which began as a college project, designed by a group of University of Makerere students. Now the government has put over $40 million into it as part of a goal to turn Uganda into the hub of the East Africa auto industry. Check out 8 African car manufacturers hoping to compete on the international market.

  • 13 Most Innovative Countries In Africa

    african innovation By Dana Sanchez, 2:07 pm AFKI Original

    You won’t find an African country among the world’s top 25 performers for innovation, but several low-income African countries are outperforming their peers GDP-wise. “Barriers are falling,” according to the just-released Global Innovation Index 2015. Check out the 13 most innovative countries in Africa and how they compare globally.

  • Opinion: How Poor Global Intenet Infrastructure Could Catapult African IoT Innovation

    By Staff, 4:17 pm

    Most of the world’s Internet networks can’t handle machine-to-machine data. In this lack of infrastructure lies an opportunity for Africa to catapult ahead. While governments in Europe and North America try to repurpose existing networks and install incremental add-ons to infrastructure, Africa has a clean slate to put the right infrastructure in place and become the hotbed for internet of things-related innovation.

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