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  • Egyptologists Turn To High Tech Innovations To Unlock Ancient Mysteries

    pyramids By Staff, 1:32 pm

    From the Giza pyramids to the pharaonic tombs of Luxor, Egypt’s ancient monuments are holding onto mysteries which researchers aim to unravel with cutting-edge technology. For more than 200 years since Napoleon Bonaparte landed in Egypt with a retinue of scholars who laid the groundwork for modern Egyptology, experts have used science to unlock the secrets of the country’s ancient treasures. In the 21st century,scientists have been using electronic devices and chemical testing to date artifacts.

  • 17 African Heroes Who Stood By Their Beliefs

    By Julia Austin, 10:40 am AFKI Original

    Queen Nanny was kidnapped from Ghana as a child and sold into slavery in Jamaica. After escaping a plantation with her brothers, she led revolts in Jamaica, helped free hundreds of slaves, and established the Nanny Town settlement where slaves found refuge during the British attacks. Here are 10 African heroes who stood by their beliefs.

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