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  • Technology Is Set To Transform Farming In Rwanda

    farming By Staff, 9:34 pm

    A collection of applications designed to provide farmers with timely information on climate change, crops, livestock and diseases affecting them for informed decision making have been tested for effectiveness. One of the applications will provide data on state of weather, amount of rain and soil humidity, and livestock performance to ensure better farm management and productivity, as well as market information on produce.The apps will reduce the effects of climate change, and diseases on crops,.

  • More And More Urban Youth Using Technology To Enter Agriculture In Kenya

    farmers By Staff, 12:21 pm

    Anyona is among a growing army of farmers changing the East African nation’s agriculture sector, giving it a new face. Millions of youth are now venturing into it. Armed with a smart phone, laptop and the internet, the new crop of farmers have engineered a revolution that has not only changed the perception towards farming but is also contributing to the country’s efforts in achieving food security. “This is my third year in farming. Technology has made it easier to navigate,” Anyona said.

  • Entrepreneur Links Small-Scale African Farmers With Venture Capitalists

    small-scale African farmers with venture capitalists By Ann Brown, 1:13 pm AFKI Original

    There are millions of small-scale farmers locked out of Kenya’s formal economy. Alex Muriu is finding a way to help them. He created Farm Capital Africa to invest in profitable business ventures in the underfunded agricultural sector. He uses the internet to raise funds for agripreneurs — mostly youth and women age 25 to 35 — so they can scale up their agricultural ventures. “We have had some challenges,” Muriu told AFKInsider. “Social-impact investors are not as rampant as profit-making investors.”

  • Cellulant Using Mobile Wallets To Empower Farmers Across Africa

    Tech Is Uplifting The Agricultural Industry In Africa By Staff, 1:22 am

    Cellulant, a digital payments’ service provider that prompts, collects, settles and reconciles payments in real time is using mobile wallets to empower farmers across Africa as well as powering transactions for millions of merchants and utility facilities across Africa. “We ensure that both our partners and their customers are empowered by consistent and endless options that meet their needs at the local level,” Cellulant Kenya CEO Bryan Kariuki said.

  • 10 Reasons Africa’s Food And Agriculture Industries Are Failing

    By Julia Austin, 6:25 am AFKI Original

    Scientific and technological advancements in Africa are growing, especially in the mobile arena, but many farmers are still behind those of the Western world. Many schools don’t even have science labs or computers. This puts farming communities at a great disadvantage since much of caring for and growing crops is scientific. Farmers sometimes lack basic knowledge on how to better their crops.

  • Africa To Miss Out On Global Coffee Boom As Production Drop

    By Staff, 5:59 am

    Africa’s share of global coffee production is dropping at a time when consumption is growing and farmers need government support to ensure the continent does not miss out on potential higher earnings in the future, delegates at a coffee conference said on Thursday. Coffee is an important crop on the continent, bringing in hard currency and creating jobs in producer nations from Rwanda to Ivory Coast.

  • Can Bill Gates Double African Farmer Productivity By 2030?

    By Staff, 2:55 pm

    One of the world’s richest men, Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda have committed themselves to ensuring Africa is able to feed itself by 2030. This is somewhat of a departure from 2008, when the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was about all helping Africans sell their crops, VenturesAfrica reports. In 2015, the foundation’s focus is on greater productivity.

  • African Farmers Reap Little Benefit From Oil Price Drop

    By Kevin Mwanza, 8:42 am

    From the coffee plantations of Uganda to the maize fields of Zambia, the collapse in world oil prices has so far brought few benefits for African farmers, with stubbornly high pump prices and voracious middle-men maintaining a squeeze on margins. Only in South Africa, the continent’s most sophisticated economy and one of its top agricultural producers, have fuel prices — tightly regulated by the government — come down enough to make a difference.

  • African Family Farmers, Curbing Hunger Get A Boost From UN

    By D.A. Barber, 5:22 am AFKI Original

    The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization recognized the progress made by 13 countries – including Cameroon, Ethiopia, Gabon, The Gambia, Mauritania and Mauritius – for achieving outstanding progress in fighting hunger at a Nov. 30 awards ceremony that was broadcasted live on webcast.

  • The Poorest Farmers In Burkina Faso’s Work Around Climate Change

    By Ann Brown, 2:00 pm

    From Yahoo! News Over the last three decades, Burkina Faso’s poorest farmers have produced food for half a million people by restoring some 300,000 hectares of degraded land with innovative techniques to conserve water and soil, according to a report on Wednesday. The UK-based Overseas Development Institute (ODI) thinktank said Burkina Faso’s subsistence farmers were […]

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