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  • Digital Technology May Reinvent Basic Education In Africa

    digital technology By Staff, 6:06 pm

    African countries have worked hard to improve children’s access to basic education, but there’s still significant work to be done. Today, 32.6 million children of primary-school age and 25.7 million adolescents are not going to school in sub-Saharan Africa. The quality of education also remains a significant issue, but there’s a possibility the technology could be part of the solution. The digital revolution currently under way in the region has led to a boom in trials using ICT in education.

  • The 12 Most Expensive Prep Schools In Egypt

    By Julia Austin, 9:47 am AFKI Original

    Egypt has an international population and its school system must cater to a variety of backgrounds, student needs, and parent demands. Some prep schools in Egypt cost more in tuition than some universities. Cairo American College has a baseline tuition of nearly $23,000, with $10,700 added for new students. Check out 12 of the most expensive preparatory schools in Egypt.

  • 12 Ways Technology Is Changing Education In Africa

    By Julia Austin, 9:40 am AFKI Original

    Micro-credentials are digital badges one can receive for learning certain skills. These are especially important in African countries where many students don’t have access — or resources — to attend major universities and receive formal degrees, but may have attained digital skills that make them attractive on the job market. In some parts of Africa, students haven’t had access to even the most basic education. Here are 12 ways technology is changing education in Africa.

  • Q&A: How A Former Model Built A Dream School In Ethiopia

    By Ann Brown, 3:48 am AFKI Original

    Atti Worku, a former computer geek-turned-Miss Universe contestant, graduated cum laude from Columbia University in the U.S. with a BA in sustainable development and a dream to help children in her native Ethiopia. A decade ago, Seeds of Africa was merely an idea Worku had to create an educational program. Now Adama, Ethiopia, is home to her Dream School.

  • University Of Cape Verde On List Of 100 Best Colleges In Africa

    By Staff, 5:00 pm

    From Asemana The University of Cape Verde (Uni-CV) comes in 79th place among Africa’s best universities, according to After School Africa’s “Top 100 Universities in Africa” list. The ranking classifying the continent’s best institutions of higher learning is headed by South Africa, with three colleges at the top of the list – Cape Town (in […]

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