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  • Africa On A Plate: The Flavors Of Dar Es Salaam

    flavors of dar es salaam By Karen Elowitt, 7:00 pm

    Discover the culinary variety and diverse tastes of Dar es Salaam with celebrity chef Lentswe Bhengu, in the latest edition of Africa on a Plate from The Africa Channel. His quest is to learn about what the people eat, why they eat it, and how it all began. Watch as he digs into street food, visits the fish market, learns about Swahili fusion cuisine, and makes a inspired meal.

  • Get Out The Fufu: 10 Foods From Cameroon You’re Gonna Love

    foods from cameroon By Joe Kennedy, 8:53 am

    If you enjoy food that doesn’t hold back on spices, you’ll probably love what Cameroon is serving up. Like its neighbor Nigeria, Cameroon has numerous dishes that are full of heat and earthy African flavors, but since the country was colonized by France for a time, you’ll also find French cooking techniques and aromas. Here’s just a sampling of foods from Cameroon that you simply must try.

  • 10 Zimbabwean Dishes With Zest And Zing

    zimbabwean dishes By Joe Kennedy, 6:00 pm

    The food in Zimbabwe is quite traditional. It’s generally pretty hard to find haute cuisine, save for a few restaurants in or near luxury hotels. But that doesn’t mean the food served up in restaurants and street stalls isn’t flavor-packed and worth a taste. While a few of the traditional dishes are similar to what you’ll find in neighboring countries like Botswana and South Africa, Zimbabwe has its own creative take on them. Here are 10 Zimbabwean dishes that will give you a zing you won’t forget.

  • 10 Foods From Nigeria That Will Spice Up Your Life

    By Joe Kennedy, 6:30 pm

    Nigerian cuisine is some of the most potent and flavorful on the African continent. It’s certainly not a country where you’re ever likely to think “this food is mild” or “this food is bland.” People in Nigeria typically love to coat their food with lots of aromatic spices and many dishes are made with extremely hot chilies that will give anything from India or Mexico a run for its money. Here are 10 foods from Nigeria that you have to try!

  • Africa Fashion Week Grace London For Fifth Edition

    By Kevin Mwanza, 10:24 am

    African fabric and fashion, surrounded by music, dance and African cuisine, was in plenty as the fifth edition of the Africa Fashion Week London took place over the weekend. The event, which has hosted over 300 designers to almost 45,000 visitors including buyers, retailers, and other industry players, has become one the major highlights in Africa’s fashionistas’ annual calendar

  • African Diaspora: Nigerian Chef Home-Delivers African Cuisine To NYC Diners

    african cuisine getty 487735281 (1) By Staff, 6:55 pm

    A Nigeria-born chef and entrepreneur living in New Jersey has made access to African cuisine a reality for all of New York City with a new website that lets diners order online and eat at home. In the mood for South African bunny chow, or kapenta with sadza from Zimbabwe, or egusi soup from Nigeria? Ed Obimdike partners with local restaurants to bring New Yorkers their choice of African, Afrocentric and American cuisine. EatAfrika.com delivers.

  • 10 African Sauces We Wish We Could Buy Bottled Everywhere

    By Julia Austin, 10:19 am AFKI Original

    Chermoula sauce is a North African sauce that’s part of a mushroom and potato salad in this delectable-victuals recipe, but we believe it would taste delicious with white fish, or on a rice dish. The sauce calls for some rare ingredients such as preserved lemon, which gives a bold sweet-sour taste; and sambal oelek, made from several types of chili peppers. If you’re always looking for new sauces to dunk, dip and drizzle your favorite food with, try these African sauces. You’ll wish you could buy them bottled.

  • Best African Vegetarian Dishes You Need To Try

    By Keren Mikva, 2:24 pm AFKI Original

    Kashata Na Nazi, Uganda/Tanzania

    This tasty coconut candy is perfect for tea time, or really any time. Ground up coconuts, or “kashatas,” are mixed with raw sugar and a bit of cinnamon and salt before being sliced up into little pieces of coconut heaven.

  • 10 Delicious African Dips (There’s Much More Than Hummus)

    By Julia Austin, 9:41 am AFKI Original

    African cuisine is full of totally snack-worthy dips that tend to be lighter than the mayonnaise-based American ones. This is not what you’d expect from a peanut butter dip. With dry prawns, some rare pepper, nutmeg and chili pepper, this is a nutty, spicy, sweet bowl of delight with a smooth but slightly crunchy texture. Try it with cool and crisp jicama. Here are 10 delicious African dips.

  • 10 African Fruit Salads To Spice Up Your Summer Picnics

    By Julia Austin, 11:25 am AFKI Original

    This is a rather traditional African recipe for creamy, tropical fruit salad with pineapple, mango, papaya, grapes, bananas and apples. It’s blended with a creamy sauce of condensed milk, heavy cream and vanilla extract. It makes for a great dessert. Here are 10 delicious and unique African fruit salads to impress your guests.

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