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Africa Silicon Valley: Latest News

  • Missed Opportunities: Silicon Valley Ignoring Africa Startups, TechCrunch Says

    Silicon Valley By Staff, 7:49 am

    Silicon Valley is ignoring Africa’s startup scene, passing up an opportunity to invest in creating innovative technology-based businesses on the continent, according to TechCrunch Inc. “Silicon Valley does not understand the context of Africa, so we see it as an opportunity to fill the gap,” Edward Desmond of Verizon Communications said in an interview Wednesday in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. “The outside world that is very powerful does not know the innovation and possibilities available.”

  • Kenya’s Tech Sector Hit With Its First Sexual Harassment Scandal

    sexual harassment By Staff, 10:04 am

    Ushahidi, the global crisis-mapping platform headquartered in Kenya, has said it is investigating an alleged sexual harassment claim pitting an employee against a senior member of its team. The confirmation from Ushahidi comes days after unverified tech blog reports of victimization and covering up of harassment cases against women working for the company surfaced on blogs and social media outlets.Ory Okolloh, one of the original founders of Ushahidi, all but confirmed the story in a blog post.

  • In Search Of The Next African Tech Hub

    By Global Risk Insights, 4:52 am

    For as long as Silicon Valley has existed, attempts to emulate it have sprung up, from Santiago to Tel Aviv. Technology hubs and the innovation clusters they often give rise to are not only sought after to increase employment, income, and tax revenues. Their creation is increasingly becoming a policy goal in and of itself. African countries are no exception.

  • How Mobile Technology Makes Business Easier For African Farmers

    By Kevin Mwanza, 2:56 am

    In this episode of Innovate Africa, Aljazeera looks at how mobile technology has been used to make business easier for African farmers. The Farmable app which acts as a real-life Farmville, allowing investors to buy, monitor and trade virtual stock linked to real animals in local Ghanaian farms. Another valuable app is iCow. Billed as “the world’s first mobile phone cow calendar”, iCow is designed to help dairy farmers track the gestation period and progress of their cows.

  • Africa’s Silicon Savannah Dream Overrun By Aid Money

    By Kevin Mwanza, 9:47 am

    Africa’s Silicon Savannah that brings to mind a hyper-tech innovation zone could just be a pipe dream supported by non-profitable organization that are propping up tech startups with fluff money from western donors, experts have cautioned. A recent private equity confidence survey suggests that Kenya in particular is one of the place where fluff money from aid agencies has overrun the tech startup scene.

  • How Africa’s Silicon Savannah Is Out-Innovating Silicon Valley

    Mobile Money Revolution By Kevin Mwanza, 3:42 am

    The African techies were at the forefront of a revolution clicking into place from Lagos to Nairobi — and everywhere in between. Today, Africa’s “Silicon Savannah” has produced innovations as varied as Wi-Fi on public transportation in Kenya to mobile midwifery services in Ghana. These tech pioneers are quickly eclipsing many of the advances coming out of their American namesake.

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