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Afrian farmers: Latest News

  • Young African Farmers Are Embracing Technology To Combat Toxic Soils

    young farmers By Staff, 8:16 pm

    The 15-member group named ‘Esteem Eagles Welfare Youth Group’ started farming together. Initially it was a merry-go round, before they decided to pool resources and venture into greenhouse farming. Hydroponics is a modern system of farming where plants are grown in liquid, sand, gravel with added nutrients but without use of soil. After deliberations the group approached the National Government’s Youth Fund for help. The members resorted to fetching soils from Kiraro, part of Mount Kenya forest.

  • FOREX Africa: Cash Crop Farmers Smile Amid Currency Woes

    By Kevin Mwanza, 9:31 am

    African farmers that cultivate cash crop produce like tea, coffee, cocoa and cotton are a happy lot this year because of the foreign exchange gains they have made due to weakening local currencies. Despite falling commodity prices globally, many agricultural produce exported out of Africa have fetched higher revenue for farmers as they are sold in dollars, a currency that has strengthened significantly this year.

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