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  • MallforAfrica Launches Dedicated Website To Give Africans Direct Access To Millions Of eBay Products

    Digital payments - MallforAfrica is an e-commerce platform that allows Africans to buy online internationally. Photo: MFA By Peter Pedroncelli, 6:26 am

    African e-commerce platform MallforAfrica (MFA) has announced the launch of a new dedicated website for eBay shopping enthusiasts in Africa. Available in Nigeria and Kenya, before a role out to other African countries, the website ebayforafrica.com see the online site extend its relationship with eBay for the benefit of customers in Africa, allowing them to access tens of millions of eBay.com listings directly from the site. African online shoppers will now have unprecedented access to millions more products.

  • Nigeria To Invest In Expanded Electricity Generation With $5.2B World Bank Loan

    electricity generation By Peter Pedroncelli, 6:09 am

    Nigeria is looking to invest in plans to expand electricity generation and capacity with a proposed $5.2 billion loan from the World Bank, thereby boosting economic recovery following the country’s first contraction in a quarter of a century. Nigeria’s power, works, and housing minister Babatunde Fashola has identified the loan amount as a requirement in order to address the issues that the country has in terms of distribution of power, transmission-capacity and poor access to electricity in rural areas. These issues have a knock-on effect for the economy, and addressing these would allow for improved electricity capacity for Nigerian private and public enterprise

  • She’s There When African Governments Turn Off The Internet: Meet The Lawyer Advancing Facebook In Africa

    lawyer advancing Facebook in Africa By Staff, 1:01 am

    Some describe Ebele Okobi, 42, as Facebook’s secretary of state for Africa. Last year, at least 11 African governments shut down the internet for various temporary reasons. Where there are shutdowns, there is Okobi. Perhaps the most controversial aspect of her work is Free Basics, the Facebook-driven platform that provides a free version of the internet. Telecos in 22 African countries provide it. Facebook can control what is accessible, and many have criticized it for creating different classes of internet access. For its part, Facebook says half of all Free Basics users convert into paying internet customers within a month.

  • Facebook In Africa Learning Curve: How Is Business A Year After Opening Shop?

    Facebook in Africa Facebook in Africa learning curve By Dana Sanchez, 11:18 am

    When it comes to selling advertising in Africa, Facebook is a newcomer. It still has a learning curve on how to do more business on the continent. A year after opening its first African office, the social media network has grown 18% in Kenya, 16% in South Africa, and 6% in Nigeria. That sounds like a lot, but it may not be fast enough for Facebook. A soon-to-be-launched Facebook satellite will allow more Africans to connect to the Internet, “not at the (current) rate, but we need to fast forward the rate people are connecting,” said Facebook Africa head Nunu Ntshingila.

  • African Screen Network Aims To Solve Distribution Woes Of African Filmmakers

    African Screen Network By Staff, 12:03 am

    The African Screen Network wants to create a sustainable business model for exhibiting African films across the continent. “African audiences are not getting access to African content,” said manager Khanyo Mjamba. The idea is to create an infrastructure to get films to African audiences. Working mostly through independent cinemas and cultural institutions, the network has signed up 21 screens in 16 countries so far. “This is just the beginning,” said a network co-founder.

  • U.S.-Senegal Defense Deal Is All About Access, U.S. Says

    U.S.-Senegal defense deal By Dana Sanchez, 1:18 pm

    The deal will help Senegal and the U.S. “face common security challenges in the region,” Senegal said. Al Qaeda has Senegal in its sights due to its close ties with France, which has 3,500 soldiers fighting with regional armies against Islamist militants in West Africa. The agreement upgrades an existing 2001 agreement providing U.S. forces access to certain facilities in Senegal and enabling U.S. forces to make improvements while there.

  • Opinion: Netflix VPN Ban Will Be Bad For Netflix And Everyone Else

    By Dana Sanchez, 12:08 pm

    Netflix has plans to crack down on the millions of people who access its video streaming via proxy servers or virtual private networks. Even if Netflix says it will block VPN users, there’s questions about whether it can succeed or enforce it. Efforts to work around the constantly evolving technology will advance the technology to the point where “they’ll hide even more effectively from Netflix and it will open up again,” a stakeholder said. Meanwhile, Netflix said in a blog “we are evolving with it.”

  • How To Make Money In African Digital Entertainment

    African Digital Entertainment By Dana Sanchez, 4:40 pm

    As demand grows for African digital entertainment, content most likely to succeed will be easy to access and easy to pay for on low-end mobile devices, says Spinlet CEO Nkiru Balonwu. She’ll be a panelist at AfricaCom 2015, scheduled for Nov. 17-19 in Cape Town. More than 9000 stakeholders in African entertainment are expected to attend with a single common goal — how to make money.

  • South African Patent Laws Targeted Over Expensive Medicine

    By Dana Sanchez, 2:44 pm

    South African patent laws that restrict access to affordable medicine prompted 12 local health and patient groups to join a campaign for patent law reforms. There’s a growing global movement to remove artificial barriers to health that drug companies create when they seek illegitimate patents, CNN reports. Too often, pharmaceutical companies increase profits by making exclusive claims on science that is already in the public domain.

  • White Space Broadband Access Project Launches in Namibia

    By Makula Dunbar, 1:12 pm

    Namibia’s MyDigitalBridge Foundation, in partnership with the Millennium Challenge Account Namibia, and with the support of Microsoft and the Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia, has launched a pilot project called Citizen Connect

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