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AB InBev: Latest News

  • Tapping Into Local Tradition: How AB InBev Hopes To Crack Africa’s Home-Brew Market

    InBev hopes to crack Africa's home-brew market By Reuters, 1:00 am

    Africa’s informal alcohol market is about four times bigger than its $11 billion commercial market, analysts say. Home brews have a strong tradition rooted in centuries-old African rituals. AB InBev needs to develop products affordable enough to tap the informal beer and alcohol markets, says InBev’s new Africa head. AB Inbev’s big rivals in Africa – Heineken and Diageo – have also launched lower-priced drinks made with local ingredients that are affordable for more people.

  • Coca-Cola Pays $3.15B To Buy Out AB InBev From Their African Bottling Joint Venture

    African bottling joint venture By Dana Sanchez, 12:45 pm

    Coca-Cola and AB InBev are the world’s largest makers of soft drinks and beer, respectively. Africa is important for Coke because soft drink consumption continues to grow on the continent. Coke has not said why it decided to buy back the stake, but it might be in its best interest to avoid partnering with AB InBev, which has no experience in Africa. With little room left for AB InBev to grow meaningfully in beer, bankers speculate the deal-hungry mega brewer may eventually move into soft drinks. That could put Coke at the top of its list.

  • M&A Africa: South Africa Conditionally Approves AB InBev Take Over Of SABMiller

    SABmiller-ABInBev Merger By Kevin Mwanza, 8:59 am

    South Africa’s Competition Commission has conditionally approved a take over bid by AB InBEv of fellow brewer SABMiller, bringing the $100 billion deal that will create the largest business company closer to conclusion. InBev agreed to sell SABMiller’s 26 percent stake in local wine, cider and spirits producer Distell Group in the next three years after the buyout and to keep all the employees of the South African brewer after the merger.

  • South Africa Approves Formation Of Africa’s Biggest Coke Drinks Bottler

    By Kevin Mwanza, 6:25 am

    South Africa’s Competition Tribunal has conditionally approved the formation of Coca-cola Beverage Africa, essentially creating Africa’s largest soft drinks bottler spanning 12 countries and about 40 percent of Coke’s soft-drink volumes on the continent. The deal, which was launched in November 2014, involves a merger between Coca-cola and SABMiller.

  • AB InBev Agrees To Jobs Deal In South Africa To Ease SABMiller Takeover

    microbreweries in South Africa By Kevin Mwanza, 5:40 am

    Belgian brewer AB InBev has agreed to an involuntary job loss deal with the South African government as it seek an approval to its merger with SABMiller, which will make it the largest beer company in the World. The deal, that includes a guarantee to maintain its total permanent employment levels in the country for five years after the takeover, is expected to ease the brewer’s efforts to secure required regulatory approval for its $100 billion-plus acquisition.

  • Merger Of World’s 2 Largest Brewers Could Spell Monopoly

    AB InBev and SABMiller By Dana Sanchez, 9:07 am

    A merger of the world’s two largest brewers — AB InBev and SABMiller — is raising fears of a monopoly with consumers facing higher prices and lower competition in the market. Multinationals are losing market share to craft beers in the U.S. With growth flat or decreasing in North America, the mega brewers have set their sights on Africa, where home brew still dominates.

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