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  • Athletics Authorities Extend Bans On Kenya Officials

    Bans on Kenya officials - Isaiah Kiplagat - ( By Peter Pedroncelli, 7:46 am

    The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) has decided to extend the bans on Kenya officials who have allegedly been involved in subverting anti-doping processes in the country. The three Kenyan officials in question are Isaiah Kiplagat, David Okeyo and Joseph Kinyua. They were banned for six months on November 30, 2015, but the world athletics authority has decided to extend that suspension from activities related to the sport until the end of November this year.

  • Opinion: Olympics Should Nix Rio To Reduce Risk Of Zika Spreading To Africa

    Olympics Should Nix Rio By Dana Sanchez, 2:43 pm

    The top U.S. public health official, Tom Frieden, said there is no public health reason to cancel or delay the Olympic Games. But an open letter to WHO signed by doctors and researchers at leading universities around the world, said officials are not adequately protecting the world’s most vulnerable populations, including Africans, against Zika. “It is unethical to run the risk, just for games that could proceed anyway, if postponed and/or moved.”

  • 8 Things You Didn’t Know About South Africa’s Schwarzenegger

    South Africa's Schwarzenegger By Julia Austin, 9:10 am AFKI Original

    Bodybuilding champion Tumi Masite is sometimes called “South Africa’s Schwarzenegger,” not only for his giant muscles but because he went into business with Reg Park, the late former trainer of the iconic Austrian-American bodybuilder, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Masite started a popular gym in his family home in Alexandra township. The dedication of his gym members caught the attention of Richard Branson. Now the local fitness celebrity has expanded his business into a chain of gyms. Here’s a look at how Masite is bringing gyms to a South African township.

  • South Africa Bans Four Sport Federations For Ignoring Black Players

    Black Players By Staff, 9:06 am

    South Africa’s sports minister has banned four of the country’s sport federations from bidding for major international tournaments after they failed to create enough opportunities for black players. Rugby, cricket, athletics and netball are the affected federations. The South African Rugby Union had announced it would bid for the 2023 Rugby World Cup by the June deadline. But minister Fikile Mbalula says the ban is in place for at least a year.

  • 10 African Nations That Won Medals At The 2012 Olympics

    Stephen Kiprotich earns the gold for Uganda at the 2012 Olympics By Peter Pedroncelli, 5:31 am AFKI Original

    With the 2016 Summer Olympics set to take place in Brazil this year, it is interesting to look back at the previous edition of the multi-sport competition to see how African countries performed in terms of their medal hauls. With this in mind, we take a look at the 10 African nations that earned medals during the 2012 Olympics in London.

  • Ethiopia Risks IAAF Ban Over Doping Tests

    Ethiopian Athletes Investigated - Abeba Aregawi - By Peter Pedroncelli, 10:07 pm

    In an Olympic year, Ethiopian athletics is being threatened with a ban from the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) if they do not get their house in order and begin proper doping testing on their athletes. The IAAF expects Ethiopia to do mass testing on almost 200 athletes by November.

  • SA Athlete Wayde Van Niekerk Earns Historic Record

    Wayde Van Niekerk - Things You Should Know About South Africa's Olympic Team By Peter Pedroncelli, 5:50 am

    South African athlete Wayde van Niekerk made history over the weekend by earning a sprinting record that no man had previously held. The current world 400 metre champion became the first man ever to run a combination of sprinting races under specific elite athlete times, with the 100m under 10 seconds, the 200m under 20 seconds and the 400m in under 44 seconds.

  • 8 Most Loved Sports In Africa

    Most loved sports - World Cup Qualifying Draw By Peter Pedroncelli, 3:42 am AFKI Original

    Africa is a sport mad part of the world, with the people of the African continent enjoying a variety of sports to watch or participate in, whether they are team sports or those practised by individuals. The love of fans on the continent for sports is clear in the passion that they exude when supporting their sports heroes or favourite teams. With this in mind, we take a look at the 8 most loved sports in Africa.

  • 10 African Athletes Banned For Doping

    African athletes By Lillian Mutiso, 5:55 am AFKI Original

    In recent years, doping has become a major concern in the global athletics fraternity as athletes resort to the performance enhancing drugs to help them emerge victorious in cut-throat competitions. African athletes, renowned for their prowess on the track have also fallen victim to this sporting evil and paid the ultimate price of career-destroying bans. Here are 10 African athletes that were banned due to doping;

  • Ethiopian Athletes Investigated For Failed Doping Tests

    Ethiopian Athletes Investigated - Abeba Aregawi - By Peter Pedroncelli, 2:38 am

    The Ethiopian Anti-Doping Agency revealed this week that nine of their athletes are under investigation due to failed doping tests. Amongst the nine in total, the Anti-Doping Agency’s general secretary Solomon Meaza said that they are investigating five high-profile athletes.

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