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  • 10 Top African Athletes That Will Miss Rio Olympics

    By Lillian Mutiso, 4:42 am AFKI Original

    African athletes are renowned for their middle and long-distance dominance at past Olympics editions. Several top athletes from the continent are however going to miss the prestigious sporting championships, mainly for doping violations, injuries, fear of Zika virus infections and decisions by their countries to leave them out of their national teams.

  • SA Athletes Prepare For Olympics With 2016 African Championships

    Wayde Van Niekerk - Things You Should Know About South Africa's Olympic Team By Peter Pedroncelli, 6:12 am

    As South Africa’s top athletes prepare for their performances at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, they will use the upcoming 2016 African Championships as a training ground to hone their athletic abilities. The 20th CAA African Senior Athletics Championships will take place in Durban, South Africa between 22 and 26 June.

  • Pistorius Sentencing Hearing: Jailer Says He’s Violent, Defender Says He’s ‘A Broken Man’

    Pistorius sentencing hearing By Dana Sanchez, 11:57 am

    A jailer described Oscar Pistorius as violent. A psychologist said he is depressed, broken and unfit to stand trial. His victim’s grieving father said Pistorius has to pay for what he did. And a prosecutor said Pistorius just feels sorry for himself. The judge who initially acquitted Pistorius of murder will now decide his new sentence at a hearing scheduled to run through Friday.

  • 8 South African Athletes Excelling Ahead Of Rio Olympics

    Akani Simbine - South African Olympians Who Are Active On Social Media By Peter Pedroncelli, 5:50 am AFKI Original

    The 2016 Olympic games is set to take place in Rio during the month of August, and South African athletes are preparing for the multi-sport event by taking part in various athletes competitions around the world. From sprinting to long distance running, hurdles and discus, South African athletics is shaping up to send a strong selection of contenders to Rio 2016. We take a look at how 8 of South Africa’s top athletes performed over the past weekend.

  • Rio Olympics: Is Ethiopia Discriminating On Bekele Because He’s Oromo?

    Bekele By Kevin Mwanza, 3:06 am

    Ethiopia’s decision to leave out one of its best distance runners, Kenenisa Bekele, from its squad to the 2016 Rio Olympics came as a shock to many. Bekele, a world record holder and three-time Olympic gold medalist, was left out of the Ethiopian marathon team list for the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in August in a decision that has been criticized as outright discrimination.

  • 12 Photos That Defined Mohammad Ali’s Love For Africa

    Mohammad Ali's love for Africa By Kevin Mwanza, 4:49 am

    Ali was one of the most celebrated sporting figures in the 20th century and had a connection with Africa that was deep, meaningful, long term and way ahead of its time for an African American of his generation. His involvement in the civil rights movement campaigns of the 1960s made him a favorite among Africans who strongly identified with his causes and struggles. But nothing cemented Ali’s popularity on the continent like his Rumble in the Jungle fight in Kinshasa with the then undefeated George Foreman in 1974.

  • Richard Murray Breaks Collarbone, Wins First Senior World Title

    By Peter Pedroncelli, 10:09 am

    South African duathlon athlete Richard Murray enjoyed an amazing comeback following a broken collarbone sustained eight-weeks ago in a cycling crash, winning his first senior world title at the weekend in Spain. Murray finished the 10km run, 40km cycle and 5km run event in 1 hour, 42 minutes and 18 seconds on Sunday to clinch the ITU Duathlon world title in Avile.

  • Remembering Muhammad Ali: Why He Felt Free In Africa

    By Staff, 12:01 am

    U.S. professional boxer Muhammad Ali died June 3 at the age of 74. One of his greatest boxing bouts was in Africa. In 1974, Ali was in DRC to challenge George Foreman. The fight was famously named “Rumble in the Jungle.” At a three-day music festival — “Zaire ‘74″ Ali celebration the shared heritage between black Americans forcibly removed from Africa and native Africans who remained on the continent. It was, as promoter Don King put it, “a family gathering, a welcoming back home.”

  • Olympic Sponsor Telkom To Enrich Team South Africa Medalists

    South African Medallists - South African swimmer Cameron van der Burgh By Peter Pedroncelli, 6:20 am

    South African telecommunications provider Telkom has been unveiled as the country’s major Olympic sponsor for the upcoming 2016 Summer Games in Rio. Telkom’s association with the team of athletes that will represent the country in Brazil was announced by the South Africans Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee this week.

  • Arnold “The Terminator” Schwarzenegger Charged By Elephant In South Africa

    Schwarzenegger charged by elephant By Dana Sanchez, 1:13 pm

    When he’s not blowing things up on the big screen, Hollywood actor, bodybuilder and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is a businessman and promoter who recently got an opportunity to advocate for endangered African elephants. Known as The Terminator for his most famous movie role, Schwarzenegger was in South Africa for last week’s inaugural African version of the Arnold Classic fitness expo. On a visit to a game reserve, he had a close call with an elephant, then posted this video that went viral.

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