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My Favorite “Shithole” Countries In Africa

By Kurt Davis Jr., 1:21 am AFKI Original

U.S. President Donald Trump is taking significant grief for labeling Africa as a “shithole” when he allegedly made the following remark at a closed-door meeting: “Why do we want all these people from Africa here? They’re shithole countries…We should have more people from Norway.” President Trump, to be candid, gave me an opportunity to gloat about my favorite “shithole countries” in Africa.

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  • How Opera Is Becoming A Major Player In Africa

    Major player - Fintech adoption rates expected to soar in South Africa. By Tom Jackson, 5:38 pm AFKI Original

    Opera, the developer of the most used mobile browser in Africa, is significantly scaling up its operations on the continent as it gradually becomes a major player in the tech space. For years, the Opera Mini browser has been crucial to Africans due to its ability to bring down data costs, and it now has over 100 million monthly users on the continent. In addition, the newly released Opera News app saw more than 100,000 downloads in less than two weeks.

  • 10 African Tech Trends That Will Define 2018

    African tech trends - Somalia's first ever innovation tech hub, iRise, has launched in Mogadishu. Photo - Techcabal By Peter Pedroncelli, 3:32 am AFKI Original

    With 2018 well and truly upon us, it makes sense to consider the African tech trends that will feature during this year. From new technology and the kinds of tech startups that will likely be attracting investments, to considerations with regards to cyber security as a focus, 2018 has a great deal to offer the tech discussion in Africa. Here are 10 African tech trends that will define the year 2018.

  • 10 Winners And Losers From Johannesburg Stock Exchange Tech Shares In 2017

    Johannesburg Stock Exchange - South African company MiX Telematics lists on the New York Stock Exchange. Photo - YouTube By Peter Pedroncelli, 5:15 am AFKI Original

    The Johannesburg Stock Exchange has seen a mixed bag of success and failure for tech stocks over the last year, with some companies thriving while others failed to live up to expectations. Share prices among the tech stocks varied significantly during the course of 2017, with telecoms companies generally struggling with loses while telematics companies experienced excellent gains throughout the 12-month period.

  • The 8 Best African Tech Companies To Follow In 2018

    tech talent - tech companies By Tom Jackson, 1:40 am AFKI Original

    All in all, 2017 was another major year of development in the African technology space, but some tech companies made particularly impressive steps forward. From fintech to ed-tech, these tech firms were examples of success in an industry that is crying out for role models to follow and emulate. AFKInsider takes a look at eight of the African tech companies that enjoyed significant success in 2017.

  • Safaricom, Airtel Face Contrasting Fortunes In Kenya

    Safaricom By Tom Jackson, 11:17 am AFKI Original

    The year 2017 was, quite frankly, an exceptional one for Kenyan mobile operator Safaricom, but the same cannot be said for competitor, Airtel. Safaricom ended the year in as dominant a position as ever in the East African country, with 72 percent of market share, putting it far ahead of nearest challenger Airtel, which stands on less than 15 percent. Safaricom continued to expand into new areas, building out its taxi-hailng app Little and launching e-commerce platform – Masoko.

  • Top Economic And Political Predictions For Africa In 2018

    Economic And Political Predictions - Kenya Stock Exchange - East African Stock Markets By Kurt Davis Jr., 4:52 pm AFKI Original

    With the year 2018 now officially upon us, we thought it wise to make a few economic and political predictions for the African continent in the year ahead. From private equity deals in West Africa to the political situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo and everything in between, our emerging markets investment banker makes a number of major predictions for Africa with the next 12 months in mind.

  • 10 South African Tech Startups That Attracted Significant Investment In 2017

    Significant investment - Institutions in Africa are now offering programs that teach fintech skills. Photo - Student Brands - Fintech space By Peter Pedroncelli, 4:50 am AFKI Original

    The tech startup landscape in South Africa is growing steadily, with many companies attracting significant investment during the last year, indication their worth as viable and successful businesses. The end of the year is upon us, and soon 2017 will give way for 2018. With this in mind, we thought it may be a good time to look back on some of the major investment deals that positively impact South African tech startups. 

  • 10 African Nations Ranked Top For Information Technology Development In 2017

    Technology development - Mauritius has experienced excellent information and communication technology development in recent times. Photo - WCO By Peter Pedroncelli, 9:14 am AFKI Original

    Information and communication technology is crucial to the development of a country’s economy and business infrastructure, and African nations are well aware of this. Since 2009 the ICT Development Index (IDI) has been published on an annual basis by the International Telecommunications Union. This index combines 11 indicators into one benchmark measure, allowing for countries to be compared in terms of their developments in information and communication technology.

  • What Is In Store For Zimbabwe’s Tech Scene After Mugabe Departure?

    tech scene - African tech hubs By Tom Jackson, 4:03 pm AFKI Original

    November was a landmark month for Zimbabwe, with President Robert Mugabe deposed after 37 years in power. But what does Mugabe’s removal mean for the country’s tech scene, which many have claimed has great potential but continues to be in the doldrums? Those in the know encourage the government to provide seed capital to tech startups, as well as offer incubation, mentorship, and exchange programmes with other tech ecosystems in Africa.

  • An Investment Banker’s 54 Christmas Wishes For African Economies in 2018

    Africa accelerator - African economies By Kurt Davis Jr., 12:44 pm AFKI Original

    There are 54 countries in Africa, and each of these nations have specific advantages and challenges that are unique to them. They are in need of various blessings for 2018, which can serve to make sure the new year is an improvement on 2017. If this investment banker could be Santa and give gifts to each of his African friends, here’s what he would wish for each of the African economies in 2018.

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