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Date Archives for May 2016

  • 21 Top African Economies: Who Will Bypass South Africa Next?

    20 Top African Economies By Dana Sanchez, 4:17 pm

    South Africa lost its spot as No. 1 economy in Africa to Nigeria in 2014, and its No. 2 spot to Egypt in 2016. So who has best shot next at bypassing the South African economy? These are 21 of the International Monetary Fund’s top performing economies in Africa based on gross domestic product. You’ll be surprised who’s absent from this list: Rwanda.

  • Turning The Lights On, Africa’s Energy Investment Opportunity

    Africa’s energy investment opportunity By Kurt Davis Jr., 12:35 pm AFKI Original

    Competing consumer and developer interests are finding middle ground in some African countries and striking out in others. Low energy prices are the most desirable political outcome, but investment slows or is avoided altogether below a certain price threshold. Short term, coal will remain a vital part of African power generation. But the potential for investing in Africa’s renewable energy market shouldn’t be ignored.

  • How Airbnb Is Changing Tourist Behavior In South Africa’s Sharing Economy

    Airbnb is changing tourist behavior By Dana Sanchez, 10:50 am

    Visitors get to experience an alternative side of South African cities with Airbnb. The tourism economy is getting spread around more evenly. In Cape Town — Airbnb’s top South African market — 27 percent of visitors said they wouldn’t have come at all or stayed as long if not for Airbnb. Many said they spent more in local shops and restaurants, often following hosts’ recommendations.

  • Opinion: Can This One African Woman Fix FIFA?

    FIFA By Staff, 8:03 am

    Over two weeks ago, Senegal’s Fatma Samba Diouf Samoura was appointed as FIFA’s first female Secretary General, succeeding Jerome Valcke, who was banned from any football-related activity for 12 years. Being a UN veteran since 1995, she is a hopeful prospect to dilute the elitism of FIFA and brings in a non-profit and developmental approach. FIFA President Gianni Infantino said “it is essential FIFA incorporates fresh perspectives as we continue to restore and rebuild our organization.”

  • Egypt’s “Dogs And Slaves” Slur At UNEP Conference Causes Uproar Across Africa

    By Kevin Mwanza, 7:38 am

    An Egyptian delegation to a recent United Nations Environment Assembly held in Nairobi, Kenya, has been asked to apologize for comments made by the head of the north African nation’s delegation that referred to other African delegates as “dogs and slaves”. The off the cuff comments by Egypt’s environment minister, Khaled Mohamed Fahmy Abdel Aal, threatens to cause a major rift within Africa.

  • 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Mount Kilimanjaro

    By Joe Kennedy, 6:00 am

    Known as “the roof of Africa,” Mount Kilimanjaro is possibly the most iconic place on the continent. Dozens of books have been written about it, and scores of travelers around the world dream of visiting it in person one day. Most people familiar with Kilimanjaro might know some basic facts about it, such as it being the tallest mountain in Africa, or the highest free-standing mountain in the world, but there many other interesting things to discover, such as who lives on it, and who was the oldest person to ever climb it. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Mount Kilimanjaro.

  • Taking Stock: What Nigeria’s Buhari Has Done In First Year As President

    By Kevin Mwanza, 12:52 am

    Buhari’s record with the economy is what worries investors most. Optimism that surrounded the former military ruler’s ascent to power last year has slowly died off as Africa’s largest economy crumbles under the weight of low oil prices. The Nigerian president got an approval rating of 64 percent, but his job creation record and progress in improving the country’s tanking economy remain a concern.

  • 10 Zimbabwean Dishes With Zest And Zing

    zimbabwean dishes By Joe Kennedy, 6:00 pm

    The food in Zimbabwe is quite traditional. It’s generally pretty hard to find haute cuisine, save for a few restaurants in or near luxury hotels. But that doesn’t mean the food served up in restaurants and street stalls isn’t flavor-packed and worth a taste. While a few of the traditional dishes are similar to what you’ll find in neighboring countries like Botswana and South Africa, Zimbabwe has its own creative take on them. Here are 10 Zimbabwean dishes that will give you a zing you won’t forget.

  • FOREX Africa: South African Rand On The Edge Ahead Of S&P’s Rating

    By Kevin Mwanza, 11:06 am

    The South African Rand slipped against major currencies on Monday as pressure piled on Africa’s third largest economy ahead of a possible credit rating downgrade by Standard & Poor’s on Friday, June 3. S&P’s is expected to release its verdict on South Africa later this week, in which it will announce whether it will cut the country’s rating to junk.

  • 8 Very Privileged Children Of African Elite

    By Julia Austin, 10:37 am AFKI Original

    Bob and Don Manonga star in “Rich Kids,” a reality TV series aired on Vuzu, a South African youth-oriented TV channel produced by M-Net for sister pay TV platform DStv. The brothers live in a 14-bedroom mansion with their prominent familiy in Pretoria and were some of the first to drive the Merceds A45 AMG. The boys also have access to the family’s four Bentleys and four Ferraris.

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