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Date Archives for June 2014

  • South Africa’s Unlicensed Software Comes With $385 Million Price Tag

    By Makula Dunbar, 5:58 pm

    A global software survey conducted by Business Software Alliance (BSA), in partnership with International Data Corporation (IDC), revealed that unlicensed software was installed on more than 43% of global PCs in 2013 rounding off to a commercial value of $62.7 billion. BSA’s global software survey found that the unlicensed software rate in South Africa was at 34%, which is 1% down from the 35% recorded in 2011.

  • Can Africa Support An Intellectual Property Protection Culture?

    By Dana Sanchez, 5:44 pm

    Most small businesses in Africa rely on secrecy instead of patents and copyrights to protect intellectual property, making them vulnerable to exploitation. Many African innovators do not know they must have proof of ownership to sell and market their innovations, Microsoft says. For those who do, the process of filing IP protection can be manual, intimidating and long. A new online Microsoft intellectual property portal will digitize and streamline the process, educating young innovators on the importance of IP protection, and helping them enforce their ownership against third parties, the U.S. software giant says.

  • Oscar Pistorius Wasn’t Crazy, Psychiatrists Say

    By Dana Sanchez, 3:50 pm

    South African paralympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius wasn’t crazy when he shot his girlfriend to death, psychiatrists said. The trial resumed today after a month-long break for a psychiatric assessment. If doctors had found Pistorius mentally incapacitated during the shooting, the trial would have ended in a verdict of not guilty by reason of mental illness, CNN reports. Pistorius was capable of appreciating “the wrongfulness of his act,” the evaluators said.

  • Q & A: Award-winning South African Vocalist Lira Touring U.S.

    By Ann Brown, 3:05 pm AFKI Original

    Award-winning South African vocalist Lira has released her American debut, “Rise Again,” on Shanchie Records. Considered the Beyonce of South Africa and a musical darling in Europe, she’s touring the U.S. Back home and in Europe she usually performs for crowds of 10,000 or more. The U.S. has been a learning experience for her. “Artists can get so caught up in the trappings of success,” she said.

  • 10 Things You Should Know About Race

    By Keren Mikva, 2:11 pm AFKI Original

    A molecular biologist from Johns Hopkins University once estimated that each individual has about 6.7 billion relatives across the globe, basically meaning we’re all related in some way. After the most common essential websites such as email or social media, ancestry websites are extremely popular online. We talk or think about race and racism a lot. How much do we actually know of the science and history of race? Read on for 10 things you should know about race.

  • Woolworths South Africa Gets Help From Small Scale Farmers

    By Makula Dunbar, 2:05 pm

    “We were planting a few heads of cabbages, beet root and spinach,” Phindile Nkosi a farmer in Steynsdorp, South Africa told CCTV Africa. “Then we were selling our product to the pension point, because it was not very much.” Acting as a conduit to creating partnerships with farmers living in poverty, South Africa’s TechnoServe connects small scale farmers and food retailers like Woolworth’s to create partnerships.

  • 17 Celebrities Who Spent Time In Cults

    By Julia Austin, 1:35 pm

    The singer Angel Haze grew up in the community of the Greater Apostolic Faith, a Pentecostal Christian denomination that requires its members to live in the same neighborhood, only talk to members inside the community, not eat certain things, and to follow other very strict rules. For some celebrities, stardom didn’t drive them to a cult. They grew up in one. Here are 17 celebrities who spent time in cults.

  • Uniquely African Dog Breeds

    By Keren Mikva, 1:16 pm AFKI Original

    The Rhodesian ridgeback, while popular around the world, can trace its heritage to the Cape Colony of Southern Africa, after Europeans crossed their dogs with the semi-domesticated ridged hunting dogs of the KhoiKhoi. Still used for hunting, the Rhodesian ridgeback is also sometimes referred to as the African lion hound, as it is known for its ability to keep lions away from a recent kill while waiting for its master to claim it. Here are 10 dog breeds that are uniquely African.

  • Mining Investor Says Zambian Gov’t Overlooking Corruption

    By Makula Dunbar, 12:43 pm

    A local mining investor operating in Northwestern Province has written to State House seeking for presidential intervention in the illegal acquisition and grabbing of mining areas by foreigners in Northwestern province. The director for Lion Resources Limited Lulenga Bweupe wants Michael Sata to intervene in a case where his mining area has been encroached by a South Africa miner

  • African Countries With The Least Freedom of the Press

    By Keren Mikva, 12:35 pm AFKI Original

    All media outlets in Equatorial Guinea must be registered with the government, whether or not they are privately owned, and all media coverage is tightly controlled by officials. Equatorial Guinea does not even permit the coverage of international events unless there is a local official involved in some way. The jailing of journalists for government criticism is commonplace, and international journalists are rarely granted access to work in Equatorial Guinea. The following African countries have the lowest scores for freedom of press according to international independent watchdog organization Freedom House.

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