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  • Zimbabwe’s Potential Economic Resurgence Poses Important Questions

    economic resurgence - Election predictions - Zimbabwe's Emmerson Mnangagwa will run for president in 2018. Photo - VOA News By Kurt Davis Jr., 3:54 am AFKI Original

    The news coming out of Zimbabwe is exciting, with a new president, an upcoming election, and hopefully an economic resurgence on the cards. On the streets, the Zimbabweans are talking about the potential for the government to re-engage an aggrieved population and bring money and energy back into the system. Yet the enthusiasm cannot overshadow the pressing economic questions that new president Emmerson Mnangagwa must answer.

  • Rapid African Political Change May Spark Economic Revival In 2018

    political change - South Africa has reached its Mugabe moment By Kurt Davis Jr., 3:18 am AFKI Original

    Political change in Africa is rapidly happening in unexpected pockets. Observers are actively monitoring situations in certain countries, in particular South Africa, Ethiopia, and Zimbabwe, with an excitement for future socio-political change that could follow these headwinds. Yet all consideration of the current political movements suggest that the imagined economic change is not necessarily an easy sequel to the political prologue.

  • 10 African Tech Trends That Will Define 2018

    African tech trends - Somalia's first ever innovation tech hub, iRise, has launched in Mogadishu. Photo - Techcabal By Peter Pedroncelli, 3:32 am AFKI Original

    With 2018 well and truly upon us, it makes sense to consider the African tech trends that will feature during this year. From new technology and the kinds of tech startups that will likely be attracting investments, to considerations with regards to cyber security as a focus, 2018 has a great deal to offer the tech discussion in Africa. Here are 10 African tech trends that will define the year 2018.

  • What Is In Store For Zimbabwe’s Tech Scene After Mugabe Departure?

    tech scene - African tech hubs By Tom Jackson, 4:03 pm AFKI Original

    November was a landmark month for Zimbabwe, with President Robert Mugabe deposed after 37 years in power. But what does Mugabe’s removal mean for the country’s tech scene, which many have claimed has great potential but continues to be in the doldrums? Those in the know encourage the government to provide seed capital to tech startups, as well as offer incubation, mentorship, and exchange programmes with other tech ecosystems in Africa.

  • An Investment Banker’s 54 Christmas Wishes For African Economies in 2018

    Africa accelerator - African economies By Kurt Davis Jr., 12:44 pm AFKI Original

    There are 54 countries in Africa, and each of these nations have specific advantages and challenges that are unique to them. They are in need of various blessings for 2018, which can serve to make sure the new year is an improvement on 2017. If this investment banker could be Santa and give gifts to each of his African friends, here’s what he would wish for each of the African economies in 2018.

  • Seedstars Provides Global Exposure For African Tech Startups

    Seedstars provides global exposure for tech startups. Photo - Seedstars By Peter Pedroncelli, 9:17 am

    The Seedstars Africa Summit brought together the best tech startup talent from around the continent this month, providing these early-stage companies with invaluable global exposure. The third annual Seedstars Africa Summit took place on Dec. 14 in Mozambique, with all of the winners of the various Seedstars World competitions throughout Africa attending the event. Seedstars World is the world’s biggest startup competition in emerging markets.

  • 12 Tech Startups Representing Africa At The Seedstars World Competition In 2018

    Seedstars World Competition - LangBot wins the Seedstars Ethiopia event in Addis Ababa. Photo - Twitter By Peter Pedroncelli, 4:10 am AFKI Original

    The Seedstars World Competition in 2018 will bring together the best tech startup talent from around the world this coming April. Africa will be represented by a list of winners from the various Seedstars World competitions that took place during the last year throughout Africa. Seedstars World, which describes itself as the world’s biggest startup competition in emerging markets, holds these events in around 70 countries before winners are selected to take part in a grand final.

  • Can Crypto Help African Countries Achieve A Common Currency?

    crypto common currency By Kevin Mwanza, 10:43 am

    East and West African regional blocks have looked for years to create common currencies that will improve trade among member states. In recent years there has been increased cross-border mobile money use and now cryptocurrency is coming into play. For now, crypto remains off the radar for regulators and businesses in these countries. But for how long?

  • Japan Wants To Invest In Zimbabwe´s Cyber Security

    By Staff, 3:24 pm

    Japan is willing to invest in the cyber security sector in Zimbabwe to protect citizens and tourists from different countries.Speaking at a meeting with Information Communication Technology and Cyber Security minister Supa Mandiwanzira, Japanese ambassador to Zimbabwe,Toshiyuki Iwado promised to enhance co-operation between the countries.“The country’s message to us is just of welcome. I will try my best to promote co-operation in different fields and in this particular case, in ICT,”Iwado said.

  • Top Election Predictions For Africa In 2018

    economic resurgence - Election predictions - Zimbabwe's Emmerson Mnangagwa will run for president in 2018. Photo - VOA News By Kurt Davis Jr., 2:04 am AFKI Original

    Last year’s election predictions for 2017 were pretty accurate (if a little self-indulgence can be allowed). So this year will be interesting to watch again, with countries like Egypt, DRC (hopefully), and Zimbabwe on the calendar. The elections are sure to be very exciting for the countries going to the polls and those investors and other interested parties gauging how to engage such countries. Here are the top elections to watch in Africa and predictions for 2018.

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