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  • 12 Mystifying Stories From African Folklore

    By Julia Austin, 12:35 pm

    According to Angolan folklore, Kalunga is the world of the dead, where everyone descends after they die. Kakunga-ngombe is the lord of the underworld who devours people after they die. When someone is soon to die, a shadowy figure representing his spirit is chained up in Kalunga.

  • 12 Tragic Truths About Gender Inequality In Africa

    By Julia Austin, 10:57 am AFKI Original

    Even though Africa is taking on many of the same modern practices and technologies of the Western World, some parts of the continent maintain antiquated ideas about women’s rights. Here are 12 tragic truths about gender inequality in Africa. Many teenage girls who become pregnant are forced to keep the child, or have no access to medical facilities to receive an abortion. This makes it very difficult for them to continue school and get a job.

  • 10 Facts About Elephants That Will Make You Smile

    By Julia Austin, 10:45 am

    You’d expect such a large animal to make a lot of noise when it walked, but elephants actually have soft padding on the bottoms of their feet that serve as sort of shock absorbers, and allow them to move around almost silently.

  • Global Cyber Threats Expected To Heighten In 2015

    By Makula Dunbar, 6:29 pm

    As the 2015 New Year looms, Fortinet, an established business within the high-performance network security market, and its threat research division FortiGuard Labs, have taken a look ahead to determine the most significant cyber security threats of the upcoming New Year – both from the perspective of a Black Hat hacker, as well as a Threat Intelligence solutions vendor.

  • Misconceptions About Africa That Need To Stop

    By Julia Austin, 3:29 pm

    Some misconceptions about Africa need to stop, such as, there are no hotels in Africa. Africa has some of the most prestigious luxury hotels in the world. Here’s an idea of your choices: a Four Seasons in Seychelles, a Belmond hotel in South Africa and a Sands resort in Mauritius. In recent survey by W Hospitality Group, 27 hotel chains reported 84,000 rooms in Africa. And in 2014 alone, 142 new hotel deals were signed that could bring another 40,000 hotels rooms to the continent.

  • 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Christmas In Africa

    By Julia Austin, 9:18 am

    Instead of your typical pine or fir tree, you’ll see everything from mango trees to palm trees decorated with bells and fake snowflakes during Christmas in Africa. Imagine the smell of sweet mango on your ornaments. There are around 350 million Christians in Africa who celebrate Christmas. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Christmas in Africa that you may want to incorporate into your holiday celebrations.

  • 12 Facts About The Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone Treaty In Africa

    By Julia Austin, 11:07 am AFKI Original

    Arab countries are not entirely behind this this pan-African treaty. In 1996, the year the treaty was opened for signature, some African Arab countries said they would not sign until Israel renounced its nuclear weapons program. Since then, Libya, Algeria, and Mauritania have come forward and signed the treaty. If you’re unclear on the terms and reach of this treaty, you’re not alone. Here are 12 facts about the Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone Treaty in Africa.

  • 10 African Sauces We Wish We Could Buy Bottled Everywhere

    By Julia Austin, 10:19 am AFKI Original

    Chermoula sauce is a North African sauce that’s part of a mushroom and potato salad in this delectable-victuals recipe, but we believe it would taste delicious with white fish, or on a rice dish. The sauce calls for some rare ingredients such as preserved lemon, which gives a bold sweet-sour taste; and sambal oelek, made from several types of chili peppers. If you’re always looking for new sauces to dunk, dip and drizzle your favorite food with, try these African sauces. You’ll wish you could buy them bottled.

  • 10 African Soups To Keep You Warm

    west african soups By Julia Austin, 10:26 am AFKI Original

    Sick of chicken noodle soup? Try West African chicken soup. With a curry, coconut and green-banana base, this soup comes out more like a creamy stew, so serve it over rice. This creative recipe has banana for a nice, mild sweet flavor, plus herbs such as thyme, parsley and bay leaf, zesty ginger, and generous portions of vegetables. It’s filling but still very healthy. African soups are full of great spices to clear those sinuses. If you’re in a polar vortex, or just a little chilled, here are 10 great African soups to keep you warm.

  • 10 Stunning Aesthetic Practices From African Tribes

    aesthetic practices from african tribes By Julia Austin, 10:04 am AFKI Original

    In several African tribes, the climate called for almost no clothing to withstand the heat. To denote rank, marital status and other aspects of a person, some tribe members turned to body scarification. As you struggle with your 10 hair appliances and bursting cabinets of skin products, take comfort in knowing that your elaborate vanity rituals have their roots in ancient tribal traditions. Consider these 10 stunning aesthetic practices from African tribes.

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