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  • Is 5G Technology A Leapfrog Too Far For Africa?

    women tech - 5G technology By Tom Jackson, 5:37 am AFKI Original

    Back in January, South African mobile operator MTN and Ericsson announced Africa’s first 5G technology and applications trial, which is part of a 5G demonstration starting in the first quarter of 2018. The 5G trial achieved a throughput of more than 20Gbps with less than 5ms latency, which is the highest achieved on a mobile network in Africa. MTN said it has tested a range of 5G use cases, and expects to see commercial deployment in the near future.

  • African Millennials: The Myths And Reality

    African millennials By Staff, 4:42 am

    African millennials who were born from the early 1980s until around the turn of the new millennium are perceived as having changed the world’s understanding of Africa, bringing it from a ‘dark continent’ to ‘Africa rising’ through blogging and social media (#SomeoneTellCNN). They are often thought of as mobile, connected, and tech savvy, founders of tech startups that begin with the abbreviation ‘M’ – for mobile, with little care for politics, but is that a myth?

  • Kenyan Ride-Hailing Company Mondo Ride Aims For Further African Expansion

    Mondo Ride By Peter Pedroncelli, 6:04 am

    Kenyan ride-hailing firm Mondo Ride is on a mission to continue its expansion across the continent, with three new cities set to receive its services in the coming year. The company did not specify which three cities it would be launching new operations in, but it will be expanding from its current markets in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. The company provides ride-hailing services that rival competitors Uber and Taxify in Kisumu, Dar es Salaam and Kampala.

  • Can Blockchain Help To Democratize A More Transparent Africa?

    fintech distributed ledger tech blockchain By Tom Jackson, 4:07 am AFKI Original

    Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have been controversial topics, linked to Silk Road and the Dark Web, but they could have huge potential in Africa. Many new developments provide the first, baby steps towards a new Africa, democratized and made more transparent by the blockchain. But as each new development proves its worth, and if regulators and governments awaken to the potential, they might in future be seen as the beginning of the blockchain revolution on the continent.

  • 12 African Fintech Startups Selected For Investment-Readiness Program

    African fintech startups - Peer selected startups in the 2017 Village Capital Fintech Africa program, PiggybankNG and Olivine Technologies. Photo - Village Capital By Peter Pedroncelli, 4:47 am

    U.S.-based venture capital fund Village Capital has announced the full cohort of fintech startups from Africa that will take part in their venture development program, in collaboration with PayPal. The Village Capital Fintech Africa 2018 program will see the 12 early-stage African fintech startups, which are focused on improving financial health, work through a specific curriculum over a three-month period. The startups have been chosen from Kenya, Uganda, and Nigeria.

  • 10 Most Valuable Telecommunications Brands In Africa

    Telecommunications Brands By Peter Pedroncelli, 3:14 am AFKI Original

    Africa is a continent that has embraced telecoms technology and mobile on a wide scale, with numerous telecommunications brands in Africa providing millions of African subscribers with a variety of mobile-based services. According to new research published in February from brand valuation and strategy consultancy Brand Finance, a number of African mobile operators and telecoms companies form part of the most valuable telecoms brands on the planet.

  • Mastercard And M-KOPA Partner To Expand Solar Energy Access In Africa

    solar energy - pay-as-you-go By Peter Pedroncelli, 6:26 am

    American financial services corporation Mastercard and Kenyan pay-as-you-go solar energy provider M-KOPA have partnered in an effort to expand solar opportunities for homes and businesses in Africa. The partnership will see M-KOPA piloting Mastercard’s quick response (QR code) payment technology in Uganda, with the aim of improving access to its pay-as-you-go solar service.

  • 10 African Edutech Startups Worth Taking Note Of

    edutech startups By Peter Pedroncelli, 3:56 am AFKI Original

    Edutech startups provide a way in which education and technology can be combined to teach people through various digital means. In Africa, there are many impressive edutech firms that have provided mobile applications, digital platforms and other tech solutions to issues that were previously unsolved. These startups bring education to the people of Africa and allow for better access through m-learning and e-learning. 

  • GeoPoll Extends Research Services In Southern Africa With Botswana Launch

    African languages - Mobile survey platform, GeoPoll has extended its presence in Africa to Botswana. By Peter Pedroncelli, 5:06 am

    American-headquartered mobile survey platform, GeoPoll has extended its presence in Southern Africa with a launch of operations in Botswana. The company was already working in South Africa, and now adds the country’s southern neighbor to its list of African countries in which it conducts custom research studies. GeoPoll is the world’s largest mobile survey platform, thanks to a network of 200 million users in Africa and Asia.

  • 10 Award-Winning African Tech Startups

    African fintech startups - Peer selected startups in the 2017 Village Capital Fintech Africa program, PiggybankNG and Olivine Technologies. Photo - Village Capital By Peter Pedroncelli, 9:38 am AFKI Original

    The quality of African tech startups has never been as high as it is now, and as a result many of these tech firms have won awards for their innovations or excellent ideas. These award-winning startups are examples to others in the African tech ecosystem and serve as motivation for those who are looking to gain popularity or attract investment. Here are 10 award-winning African tech startups worth taking note of.

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