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  • Beyond War: Multinationals Seek To Revive South Sudan’s Coffee Industry

    By Global Risk Insights, 10:47 am

    Uganda is withdrawing its troops from South Sudan. This will heighten political risks for investors and businesses across South Sudan in the short and medium term. In the long-term, high risks could mean high returns. In 2011, Nespresso partnered with Technoserve to establish a new coffee exporting industry in South Sudan. They aim to diversify South Sudan’s economy away from oil.

  • Kagame: With ICT ‘We Can Make Sure Africa Is Never Again Left Behind’

    Transform Africa Summit By Dana Sanchez, 3:07 pm

    Rwandan President Paul Kagame is a tech addict, a tweep and Africa’s most conversational president. “By placing ICT at the core of our transformation agenda we can make sure that Africa is never again left behind,” Kagame told delegates at the 3-day Transform Africa Summit in Kigali. The digital president played host at the event.

  • Why Is China Committing 8000 More Troops To UN Peacekeeping?

    Chinese U.N. peacekeepers By Dana Sanchez, 11:45 am

    China, already the largest contributor to U.N. peacekeeping operations, pledged 8,000 more troops to a U.N. standby force — a significant increase. By providing military support in war-torn regions, China shows it’s rising on the global stage, some experts say. Others say China is acting only to protect its interests. “China has gone global,” one expert said. “It’s time for the U.S. to recognize that.”

  • Kenya And South Sudan To Be Linked By New Road And Fiber Optic Cable

    mombassa fiber optic cable By Staff, 12:03 am

    Kenya and South Sudan plan to be connected to a high-speed fiber optic cable within the next two years, enhancing communication and inter-border trade. The project will also see the construction of a new road linking the two countries, as well as a common border post. Connecting these countries using traditional and digital infrastructure has the potential to facilitate growth in physical and digital assets across the two countries and beyond.

  • Technology Reveals Huge Market In Africa For Stolen Cars

    stolen cars By Dana Sanchez, 7:52 am

    The U.K. has a growing problem with stolen cars showing up in African countries. Some cars stolen in the U.S. also are destined for Africa. South Africa has an extraordinarily high rate of car theft — 10% of the 11 million cars driven there are stolen. A high-tech tracking device recently led U.K. authorities to a cache of stolen luxury cars in Uganda. The cars are on their way back home.

  • DRC Is The Largest Market In Sub-Saharan Africa For South African Products

    DRC peacekeeper By Dana Sanchez, 12:20 am

    DRC is the largest market for South African products in sub-Saharan Africa and ripe with business opportunities, says SA’s highest-ranking trade official. Considering it shares borders with nine countries, DRC is in a strategic neighborhood of some 200 million potential consumers. South Africa already has substantial influence there thanks to its military training and U.N. peacekeeping. Now the emphasis looks to be switching to trade and investment.

  • Dire Straits Of African Oil And Gas Present Opportunities For Some

    oil and gas worker By Staff, 2:33 pm

    Lower oil prices will enable increased exploration and development because contractor and rig costs are lower, survey respondents said in the recently published PwC Africa Oil and Gas Review. “While the industry is in a fragile state, we at PwC envision that the players who survive the downturn in prices the best will emerge as agile machines with well-thought-out plans.”

  • The Best Wreck Dives In Africa

    numidia wreck By Joe Kennedy, 8:30 pm

    Sailors have navigated their away around the coast of Africa for centuries, but many of them weren’t so lucky and ended up at the bottom of the sea. These valiant attempts at seafaring may have not ended well for ancient mariners, but have left modern-day divers with hundreds of fascinating shipwrecks to explore. Here are just some of the best wreck dives in Africa.

  • FOREX Africa: Foreign Businesses Caught Up In South Sudan’s Forex Crunch

    South Sudan Biir By Kevin Mwanza, 3:59 am

    Foreign companies and businessmen operating in South Sudan are caught up in foreign exchange quagmire as the political crisis that sunk a East African nation into a civil war nearly two years show no signs of relenting. They are now stuck in the political deadlock that has caused them to incur huge foreign exchange losses over the last two years.

  • Obama Speech To African Union: End ‘Cancer Of Corruption’

    Youtube/Telegraph Highlights of Obama s African Union speech YouTube By Dana Sanchez, 10:36 am

    Bribery is not the African way and undermines the dignity of people doing business, U.S. President Barack Obama said Tuesday in Addis Ababa in a speech to the African Union. “Nothing will unlock Africa’s economic potential more than ending the cancer of corruption” as it drains billions of dollars from economies that are not able to afford it, Obama said. He also called for the end of early marriage and female genital mutilation, and condemned the imprisonment of journalists and activists.

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