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  • 13 Things You Didn’t Know About Informal Cross-Border Trade In Africa

    cross-border trade in Africa By Dana Sanchez, 3:13 pm AFKI Original

    Informal cross-border trade is so important for Africa that about 43 percent of Africans are involved in this form of commercial activity in the 19 countries that make up the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa. It contributes to economic growth, job creation and food security for the majority of the region’s population. The majority of informal cross border traders are women, and they’re extremely vulnerable.

  • Opinion: Greatest Source Of Investment In African Economies Is Africans

    investment in African economies By Staff, 10:16 pm

    Africa is less risky now in terms of politics, trade and governance, and offering rates of return far more appealing than developed economies. African firms are riding high on this momentum, aggressively expanding across the continent. Even as more American, European, and Asian businesses acquire leading African businesses, intra-African investment into new projects has grown four times faster than investment flows from developed economies, Ernst and Young reports.

  • 12 Brexit Implications For Africa That Will Surprise You

    By Keren Mikva, 2:56 pm

    Nine out of the 10 biggest produce exporters to the U.K. are E.U. member countries. Potential changes to E.U. tariffs and the falling value of sterling have forced some retailers to consider sourcing from different countries. U.K. produce importers say they expect to see more produce from Africa. South Africa is already the No. 2 source of fresh fruit to the U.K. after Spain, and Kenya may become a beneficiary of the changing trade patterns.

  • Africa Writhing: 5 African Economies That Are Beating The Odds

    Importing power from South Africa will boost DR Congo's copper production. By Dana Sanchez, 1:03 pm

    Copper-rich Democratic Republic of Congo is vying with Zambia to be Africa’s top producer. A new hydropower facility that the DRC government is planning to build could help shape Africa this century. It is one of DRC’s strategies for providing the energy it needs to free its economy. These aren’t the largest or most developed countries in Africa. Some are plagued with corruption and inequality. All have fast-growing economies.

  • East Africa Wants To Phase Out The US Dollar As Cross-Border Trade Currency

    US dollar as cross-border trade currency By Dana Sanchez, 11:31 am

    Traders in East Africa have to convert local currencies to the U.S. dollar before making transactions, then convert the currency back to their national currency. In the process, they pay exchange-related costs at least twice at a time when African economies are struggling with U.S. dollar shortages. About 43 percent of Africans are involved in some form of informal cross-border trade, with women representing the lion’s share – around 75 percent.

  • 12 Things You Didn’t Know About Ugandan Comedian Anne Kansiime

    By Keren Mikva, 9:38 am AFKI Original

    Beginning as a YouTube celebrity in her home country of Uganda, Anne Kansiime has transformed into an international star. Despite much of her material focusing on her life as a Ugandan woman, Kansiime’s comedy resonates around the world. “People, let’s be ourselves,” Kansiime urges fellow Africans. “Let’s own our ‘Africanness.’ If we all start being proud of who we are, the Kim Kardashians of the world will be out of business.”

  • Why African Hackers Are World-Class Tech Innovators

    African hackers By Staff, 4:08 pm

    Johannesburg hackers say the language of law is so complicated that many SA citizens do not realize how it should protect them. They’re working on a website that will help people quickly find parts of the constitution relevant to them. Many are familiar with the African hacker cliché revolving around a badly written email from someone claiming to be a friend. The reality is more nuanced. Gaps in basic infrastructure have created the perfect hacking environment, says tech expert Ethan Zuckerman.

  • Tough Visa Rules Are Locking Traders Out Of AGOA, Rwanda Tells U.S.

    AGOA By Kevin Mwanza, 8:54 am

    Rwanda, one of Africa’s fastest growing economies, has called on the United States government to grant easier access to traders from across Africa doing business with America market under the renewed African Growth Opportunity Act (AGOA). The East African nation is one of the beneficiaries of AGOA, the signature trade initiative by the US government to allow at least 7000 products from 39 nations in Sub Saharan Africa to America market duty-free.

  • 12 Things You Didn’t Know About Robusta Coffee Farming In Africa

    Robusta coffee By Kevin Mwanza, 5:37 am AFKI Original

    Robusta is a coffee variety that is mostly used in instant coffee and a filler for blends. It is mostly grown in Africa alongside Arabica beans. According to recent reports, Robusta coffee beans, whose production in Africa had declined significantly over the last few decades due to pests, diseases and civil war in some producing countries, is slowly making a comeback. Below are 12 things you probably didn’t know about Robusta coffee farming in Africa.

  • Does Egypt Need Israel To Help Negotiate Nile Water Allocation From Ethiopian Dam?

    By Dana Sanchez, 3:48 pm

    After Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu returned to Israel from a four-country trip to Africa, he got a visit from the Egyptian foreign minister. Those familiar with Israeli-Egyptian diplomatic relationships know how rare this visit was, Israel Today reported. Netanyahu visited Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Ethiopia, and they recognized that Israel is a power to be reckoned with, not just militarily. African countries are fascinated with Israeli ingenuity. Tension is high between Egypt and Ethiopia.

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