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  • 8 Most Loved Sports In Africa

    Most loved sports - World Cup Qualifying Draw By Peter Pedroncelli, 3:42 am AFKI Original

    Africa is a sport mad part of the world, with the people of the African continent enjoying a variety of sports to watch or participate in, whether they are team sports or those practised by individuals. The love of fans on the continent for sports is clear in the passion that they exude when supporting their sports heroes or favourite teams. With this in mind, we take a look at the 8 most loved sports in Africa.

  • Undercounting Africa, And Why Egypt’s Economy Could Be Larger Than Nigeria’s

    By Dana Sanchez, 12:01 am

    The dire outlook painted for the continent is nowhere as bad as persistently advanced. There’s compelling data for how Afrcan economies may have been undercounted. If most African countries updated their base years to 2013 the way Nigeria did, it would shift the economic order. Egypt would become Africa’s biggest economy, pushing Nigeria into second place. Sudan would streak past Angola. Tanzania would also beat Kenya as East Africa’s largest economy.

  • My Favorite Vegetarian Dishes And Restaurants In Five African Countries

    By Sarah Duff, 7:00 am

    Travelling as a vegetarian can be challenging, depending on where you go in the world. Vegetarian food experiences range from the sublime in places like India where incredible meat-free food abounds, to the challenging – in China, where the concept of vegetarianism is extremely hard to explain and “vegetarian” dishes comes with pork flecks. I’ve had some truly memorable vegetarian meals while travelling in Africa – sometimes in the most unexpected places, like from the back of a motorbike in Mauritius or on the side of the road in Uganda. Here are my favourite veggie places and stand out dishes.

  • 8 Etsy Shops Selling Fair Trade And African Products

    By Julia AustinAFKI Original

    DarajaImports has a fusion of African designs, employing African artists that include widows, the physically disabled and young adults orphaned by genocide. Products are made from materials that are sustainable and often recycled. The shop owners work closely with the artists. Etsy is a platform for retailers who make and sell products for a cause. Check out 8 Etsy shops selling fair trade and African products.

  • U.K.’s Wealthiest Landlord, Duke Of Westminster Invests In African Malls

    By Dana Sanchez, 6:12 pm

    He’s the U.K.’s richest landlord and now he has his sights set on Africa. Led by the Gerald Grosvenor, Sixth Duke of Westminster, the Grosvenor Group owns real estate on five continents and reports almost $20 billion in assets under management. They’re investing in RMB Westport, a real estate development firm with offices in six African countries that’s targeting Nigeria, Ghana, Angola and the Ivory Coast.

  • South Africans Spend 24.7% Of Income On Mobile Services

    By Dana Sanchez, 2:47 pm

    It’s worse in Malawi, where citizens spend more than $12 a month on average for mobile phones — that’s more than 50 percent of what an ordinary Malawian earns in a month. South Africa’s Western Cape province plans to spend more than $125 million on a broadband roll-out project, but Internet is still too high, said its minister of economic opportunities. How much do Africans spend on mobile as a percentage of their income? Check out the cheapest and most expensive ones here.

  • Why U.S. Investor Michael Milken Is Bullish On Sub-Saharan Africa

    By Dana Sanchez, 3:26 pm

    Milken speaks highly of immigrants; 50 percent of the scientists and engineers in Silicon Valley are first-generation immigrants, he told a crowd of 600-plus at the Tiger 21 conference. Members of the North American Tiger 21 network are high-net-worth investors who collectively manage $35 billion in investable assets. Miliken has done a lot to restore his image since being banned for life from the securities industry. He has an institute named for him and he’s full of optimism for Africa.

  • Opinion: Barclays Should Get Out Of Africa, Sell It All, Not Just Some Of It

    Barclays By Dana Sanchez, 2:55 pm

    Barclays is preparing to sell some of its 62% stake in Barclays Africa Group Ltd, the publicly-traded entity that houses most of its African business, according to a January WSJ report. Barclays needs to exit Africa completely, say analysts at NYC-based asset management firm Sanford C Bernstein. “The Africa business has absolutely no synergy whatsoever with the rest of the bank – be it with retail, commercial or the investment bank. You should let the franchise go.”

  • Africa-Themed Emojis With Customized Languages Launched On Google Play, App Store

    Africa-Themed Emojis By Dana Sanchez, 11:39 am

    Afro Emoji says it identified a gap in the market for custom characters that represent 100s of millions of Africans on the continent and in the diaspora. With an estimated 12,500 emojis tweeted every minute, advertisers are interested in what they mean. When Apple was accused in 2014 of lacking racial diversity in its emojis, it came up with skin-tone emojis. “Diversity is not about skin color — it’s about embracing the multiple cultures out there that have no digital representation,” a stakeholder said.

  • Top Opportunities In African Telecoms For 2016

    By Kurt Davis Jr., 10:50 am AFKI Original

    DRC is in for a big telecom boom. It has a mobile penetration rate of 68% — lower than the African average — with a 100% penetration predicted by 2020. If you are not prepared to spend on Africa’s fourth most-populated country, then you will miss out. Capital will have to be patient. DRC is an early stage emerging-market country with an election planned in 2016, but the revenue potential cannot be ignored.

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